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Finish your first race or set a new personal record with our running and triathlon coaching. Learn how to train efficiently for great results.



Get professional guidance from a top age group competitor and experienced coach, Debbie Potts. Enroll in individual Triathlon Coaching or Weekly Run Group Workouts to improve performance, train in a supported environment, and receive individual coaching — both online and in-person — to ensure you get to the finish line and reach your goals. Our coaching programs can include:

  • Individualized training schedule based on goals and/or future races, from 5K to Ironman distance.
  • Weekly 30-minute meeting with Coach Debbie (via Skype, phone, or in-person)
  • Nutrition coaching, video analysis, and form drills
  • Race day prep, planning, and taper plan – including fueling and pacing


Discover if you are a sugar or fat burner with our comprehensive metabolic testing. Learn which heart rates to train in to burn the most fat and improve performance. Click here for more information or contact us today.

Receive individual “wholeistic” coaching with Debbie Potts and transform your body. Learn how to become a fat-burning machine and reach your fitness and health goals in a fun, supported environment. Click here for more information or contact us  today.


I am a 56-year old competitive cyclist, who suffered from chronic fatigue for almost a year. I stopped training altogether, went to a few specialist doctors but no supplement or injection seemed to help and I began to lose all hope. I discovered Debbie through an interview she did and having listened to her talk about her similar experience I reached out. Her Wholestic method of approaching life was very revolutionary and challenging for me but I was willing to try. After three months with Debbie as my nutritional, training and lifestyle coach, I find myself feeling good and back on the bike. My riding buddies tell me I am riding like my old self which is hard to believe, given how little I have trained this year. Debbie wasn’t surprised though as she knew that my new low carb high good fat diet, good sleeping habits, and smart training will pay off. Thank you, Debbie, for teaching me this new way of life and helping me find a way out of the dark days of chronic fatigue.

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