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How To Optimize Long-Term Health and Performance With Debbie Potts

by Ravi Raman

Debbie Potts Podcast

by Debbie Potts

The WHOLESTIC Method with Debbie Potts

by Keto Endurance

The Wholestic Method with Debbie Potts

by Adam Schaeuble

Angriest Trainer 222: Bobby Kelly and Debbie Potts

by Vinnie Tortorich

Angriest Trainer 161: Bob Harper and Debbie Potts

by Vinnie Tortorich

Debbie Potts on Jimmy Moore's Podcast

by Jimmy Moore

How much is too much…for women?

As we started a New Year, many of us started experimenting with a 24-hour fast or longer...or some of us stuck with intermittent fasting for sixteen hours or longer. The big learning opportunity for us ALL to pay attention towards is ... Bio-individuality. We are...

Health Optimizer Special!

Are you a “Health Optimizer”? What are your missing pieces from your "puzzle" that reveal the question why? Are you curious what is under your hood? How do you know if you are running your engines at optimal levels- or if you are creating excess stress to your...

Training & Fueling the Female Athlete

ROAR book Review notes by Debbie Potts: Hormones use energy differentlyHigh hormone phase- spare glycogenWhat if metabolically efficient?What is training 80/20 MAF?High estrogen phase- best time for endurance as rely less on carbs and use more fatLow hormone phase...

Do Athletes need CARBS?

Do you need carbs for exercising? What about carb timing? Is it necessary if you are fat adapted? What about the intensity and duration? Are you fat adapted, metabolically efficient and flexible? Are you burning higher percentage of fat at higher intensities? Are you...

Some of my favorite supplements for fueling the Low Carb Athlete…

Athletic Greens for daily nutritional shake to keep at work.  Best mixed with cold water in a shaker blender bottle. Keto Mojo for measuring blood sugar in the morning and post meals Kion Aminos take 30-minutes pre and post workout (5g per scoop)Kion Organic Coffee...

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