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How To Optimize Long-Term Health and Performance With Debbie Potts

by Ravi Raman

Debbie Potts Podcast

by Debbie Potts

The WHOLESTIC Method with Debbie Potts

by Keto Endurance

The Wholestic Method with Debbie Potts

by Adam Schaeuble

Angriest Trainer 222: Bobby Kelly and Debbie Potts

by Vinnie Tortorich

Angriest Trainer 161: Bob Harper and Debbie Potts

by Vinnie Tortorich

Debbie Potts on Jimmy Moore's Podcast

by Jimmy Moore

How do we heal, rebuild and restore The WHOLE Athlete as an FDN Detective?

What is an FDN Practitioner Detective? What “crime” are we solving?

Reed Davis on FDN-Practitioner’s Role

Reed Davis, Facebook Post-Date 19 July 2018 "Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® (FDN) is a methodology used to build and maintain health. We have no interest in diagnosing or treating disease. Instead, we investigate underlying causes of unwanted conditions including...

Lets Starting Explaining the Fat Adapted Athlete Process

Are you striving to become a fat adapted low-carb athlete? Let’s define some of the key words used in the fat adaptation process…part one on the fat adaptation process.

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Coming soon! FDN-Practitioner METABOLIC CHAOS Coaching Service

Do you feel energetic and thriving each day?  Or do you struggle with fatigue, skin issues, headaches, body aches, poor recovery, gut issues and inflammation?    What are your main health complaints? The struggle is real – and you are not alone!  Living life as a race for too long will catch up with you and show up as METABOLIC CHAOS!  Get off the cycle of trying to fix the symptoms with “trial and error” approach.  Instead, try treating the body as one system and work on transforming the WHOLE you from the inside out with a new approach.  FDN works because of our sound principles

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