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Debbie Potts is the host of ‘The Low Athlete Podcast’, author, speaker and coach 


Debbie Potts Background

Debbie has been a competitive athlete for most of her life…until she broke and burned out her body systems in 2013 and ended up with METABOLIC CHAOS® including gaining 30 pounds without changing her nutrition or exercise plus extreme fatigue in the afternoons and wide awake in the middle of the night!  She has been a top age group triathlete and runner as well as a 15 Ironman finisher, 5 times Ironman Hawaii World Championship qualifier and multiple Boston Marathon qualifier. You can check out her past race results here!

Debbie Potts has been a podcast cost for over ten years and currently is the host of ‘The Fit & Healthy Athlete Podcast’ show and YouTube channel where she interviews experts and shares her experiments.  Debbie is a certified NASM Personal Trainer, Metabolic Efficiency specialist, Kion Coach, Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (fNTP) and certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P) – as well as many more continuing educational courses each year as Dr. Stacy Sims courses, PNOE, AFDNP, and RUPA health practitioner courses for functional lab testing!  Debbie has been a certified CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach, USA Triathlon Coach, Natural Running Coach, Yoga instructor, STOTT Pilates Mat instructor, spin and aerobics fitness instructor over her 30 years in the industry.  Debbie was voted one of the top 100 personal trainers in 2004 and 2005 by Men’s Journal!  She was also a team member of Mark Allen’s Elite Triathlon Team during her Ironman career helping her qualify for Ironman Hawaii five times until she “retired” in 2013.

Debbie Potts is the host of ‘The Fit & Healthy Athlete Podcast’ for endurance athletes, a Functional wellness practitioner, a holistic health investigator, long time Fitness & Performance Coach, Author and Speaker to help high performers THRIVE as they age!  

Coach Debbie creates personalized protocols for those who are struggling to get the desired results even when doing all the “right” things by investigating what is actually going on from the inside out by collecting clues to put the missing pieces of the puzzle back together.  Personalization is key to success along with motivation, consistency and happiness!

Debbie is on a mission to help other high performers avoid going through the “unexplained” weight gain, fatigue, depression and domino effect of break down and burn out of our internal body systems from our addiction to living life as a race.

Coach Debbie’s found her purpose – to help other driven, ambitious high performers avoid going through what she went through starting in 2013.  She strives to educate high charging individuals to start pay attention to their red flags and invest in their health to get a personalized coaching program to learn how to fuel, train and perform their best based on a comprehensive health investigation.  There is not a “once size fits all” approach to fat loss, health, and performance.

What is your PURPOSE?

Debbie is committed to following her purpose, passion and mission to helping transform the WHOLE you from the inside out with “The WHOLESTIC Method”.

Read all about Debbie’s journey in her book ‘LIFE IS NOT A RACE’ and in her ‘The WHOLESTIC Method Manual” on Amazon. Contact Debbie to learn about her next level coaching packages by scheduling a DISCOVERY CALL her now.

She has been in the health and fitness industry for over twenty-five years and has continued to learn even more over the years… life is a journey, not a race. 

Embrace the aging process, instead of blaming it. 

CREATE YOUR FUTURE SELF  by RE-CREATING your current self now!

You are unique, so your fueling, training and performance program should be unique as well so you a thriving when you are your 80, 90 and 100 year old future self!   Schedule a call to discover more here to get started.

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