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What is the scientific definition of homeostasis? Homeostasis was defined in 1865 as “the property of a system that regulates its own internal environment to maintain a stable condition”- Claude Bernard in 1865 Reed Davis defines homeostasis “is a functional state in...

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The Health Detective …

Our goal as FDN Practitioners is to achieve and maintain 100% function in the body by: Improving cell protection:  the body recognizes abnormal cells and destroys them (cell autophagy) and maintains cells integrityImproving immune function:  an individual...

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A Health Detective is…

A Health Detective is…

As I finish my final exams to become an FDN Practitioner, I will share more about what the program is about and how I am implementing the FDN Program into my coaching program to train The WHOLE Athlete from the inside out with The WHOLESTIC Method to avoid burn out...

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Fall Fat Loss Challenges!

Fall Fat Loss Challenges!

The WHOLESTIC Method starts with Phase One 5-day Liver Detox & Reset Jumpstart Challenge then we progress to the Phase Two 21-Day Sugar Detox & Digestive Reset Challenge. Learn about the eight elements of The WHOLESTIC Method with the manual and workbook assignments plus low-carb/high fat nutrition plan. Order the manual and workbook on Amazon- search for Debbie Potts and The WHOLESTIC Method. More links on
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Bio-individuality and Keto Mojo

Bio-individuality and Keto Mojo

The first phase is working on nutrition - what we eat, how we eat and when we eat. Testing our blood sugar and ketones are an essential part of the learning program on the individualized fat loss journey. As I say everyday, LIFE IS NOT A RACE... It is a Journey. Every stress response is a blood sugar response - so if you want to become fat adapted and measure 0.5 ketones - well then you need to work on your external stressors and identify your hidden internal stressors with selected functional labs that we use as a FDN practitioner.
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