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Are you OVER Training?

How much exercise is TOO Much? The Immunity Fix Chapter 11:  Exercise and Immunity: how much is too much, what forms of exercise are optimal and when to exercise? A Chapter Review. Key Take Away: Exercise can improve our immune system by increasing the production...

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How is your RECOVERY & REPAIR?

Save 20% with code THELOWCARBATHLETE I am on a mission to help ambitious individuals get FIT and HEALTHY!  So often we depend on exercising more to get healthy but sometimes (most time) MORE is NOT better.  As a health “detective”, we use functional lab testing and...

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Part Two: The Three Steps

Here are the three steps that I did for myself and now I take my Health (RE) Building coaching clients through in my packages so they can become fat burners, optimize their health and improve their performance in daily life activities. Step one: Determine which foods...

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Part One: What are your three wishes?

Do you just dream of waking up feeling energetic, happy and thriving? I have woken up many mornings just dreaming that I was my “old self” again -the struggle is real, and I know you maybe able to relate to my health journey. For years I was searching for instant...

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Are you Prioritizing your SLEEP each night?

Are you getting enough quality SLEEP each night? I know this past year has been a little bit odd to say the least, but it has also been an opportunity to work on our SELF CARE while are spending more time at home.  The WHOLESTIC Method eight elements all work...

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The Goldilocks Effect for Candida

The Goldilocks Effect:  More is not Better. Sometimes LESS is more.  What is the optimal amount to create a positive response in the body? Let’s talk about yeast.  we all have some yeast in our body but if we get too much, as with anything, it can lead to...

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What is your WHY in 2021?

Investigate your missing pieces from your health optimization puzzle to reveal the question WHY! I love to interview guests on my podcast and start with asking ...What is your WHY? What drives you to do what you do everyday? What moves your soul? What makes your heart...

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Test and NOT Guess if you have OVERGROWTH

MORE is not Better. Too much of anything can lead to congestion, toxicity and inflammation. Too little of anything can lead to deficiencies, imbalances and inflammation. The Goldilocks Effect is individualized with lab testing, correlation and assessments. The...

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Training & Fueling The Aging Athlete…as MYSELF!

Are you striving to improve your performance AND the aging process? Remember we are all unique individuals so we are always experimenting to figure out what training and fueling plan works best for US...N = 1. Vespa is a Natural Catalyst ... Hey friends! Are you an...

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