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Should you use HVMN Ketone IQ?

Have you tried the HVMN Ketone IQ Yet? Check out H.V.M.N.'s new product out called KETONE I.Q....let's find out more about why we need ketones, when we should take them and how to use them in our daily life as well as training or racing. Save 10% off with our podcast...

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How is your Fat Digestion system working for you?

7-second “Keto fix” for energy, digestion, and metabolism If you’re not experiencing ALL the energy, performance, and fat-burning you expect on Keto or low-carb... PAY CLOSE ATTENTION: Because studies show there are 3 hidden deficiencies that are sabotaging most...

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Dina-The Nutrition Mechanic & Metabolic Efficiency

Are you matching your fueling with your training? Episode 444: Dina The Nutrition Mechanic Carbohydrates have been under fire in recent years. For a long time, they have been considered the "bad guy" of the food pyramid, and most diets encourage people to avoid them...

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Mapping your Cycling: Exercise, Nutrition and Fasting

Attention Female (cycling) athletes Are you tracking your cycle and matching your training exercise, nutrition and fasting together as on Training Peaks?   I am doing this for my coaching clients. So interesting to map out your month. Let's map out your days of your...

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Sleep Hack Stacks

What is your sleep stack? What happens while we are asleep? Our internal "housekeeping service" comes takes care of us while we are in deep sleep - so we don't want to miss out lon our nightly cleaning service! Some of my favorite "hack stacks" to use before bed time...

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Optimize your Digestion System with these Stacks

You are what you eat...but also what you can breakdown & absorb! You may eat the right healthy nutrient dense, organic, non-GMO, paleo, keto or carnivore real food diet but what if you digestive system is BROKEN? Let me introduce you to one of my favorite...

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How do your fuel and taper for your race?

Training & Fueling for the Low Carb Athlete This past Sunday I ran another half marathon …not “raced” it but ran it or “finished it”!   There is a difference when you are an ex-competitive, ambitious, driven athlete! Back “pre-adrenal exhaustion” in 2013, I used...

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Are you PRIORITIZING and TIMING your Protein intake?

Are you matching your FUELING with your TRAINING? INTUITIVE fueling, training and performing. How do we time our intake of our "pre-workout" fuel and post-workout supplements to enhance protein synthesis...especially as an aging athlete?? Why do we need to supplement...

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