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Are you tracking your Heart Rate Variability?

TEST and not GUESS your Resiliency and Recovery!   In this episode, Coach Debbie Potts dives into using heart rate variability (HRV) to collect clues on your stress levels as well as recovery and resiliency. Articles reviewed: 1....

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Article Review on Keto for Endurance Athletes

What is best fuel plan for an ENDURANCE athlete?What is the ideal food plan for busy, ambitious, high performing athletes??  Aging athletes? Female athletes? IT DEPENDS ON YOU! Let's dive into different articles on KETO for ENDURANCE Athletes... The first article is...

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What are Anti-Nutrients?

The best way to identify whether you’re particularly sensitive is to observe how you feel after eating certain foods. You need to be intuitive and perhaps record how you feel regularly. Symptoms vary, but if your body is reacting to a certain antinutrient in a food,...

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How to Take Ownership of your Health & FUTURE Self

ARE YOU READY FOR NEXT LEVEL COACHING? Are you struggling getting results when you are doing all the “right” things to burn fat, optimize health and improve performance?  Let’s assess and discover your areas of opportunities to personalize your nutrition and lifestyle...

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Coaching Athletes to be FIT & Healthy from the INSIDE OUT

What is your PURPOSE?? Have you stopped and thought deep about what your purpose is on earth?  Who do you serve? What is your passion?  What is your mission in life?  What do you want to achieve in the next year, five years, ten years or twenty years? About me......

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The Supergut Probiotic Yogurt 4-Week Plan

Are you ready to rebuild your gut? SuperGut by Dr. Davis Your microbiome needs some love.  This SIBO or Supergut Yogurt recipe from Dr. Davis (the author of Wheat Belly) is so fascinating (at least to me!). Super Gut shows readers how to eliminate bad bacteria and...

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The WHOLESTIC Method 30-Day Keto Challenge

Are you ready to get a jumpstart on your fat loss program? Do you need support and motivation to reset and reboot your nutrition, exercise and health building lifestyle habits? I have an offer for you... I haven't been running my group programs for the past two years...

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