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Functional Lab Testing to be a FIT and HEALTHY Athlete

The FDN Health Detective 3-Step Process: Step 1: We investigate your HIDDEN internal chronic stressors and contributors to your METABOLIC CHAOS that we do not know about unless we run well-chosen functional lab tests. We assess your “Metabolic Chaos®” by running well...

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The Huberman Lab Sleep Hack Tool Kit

Tips to optimize your sleep! I had to share this amazing podcast episode from The Hubermand Lab:  So many great tips and reminders how to optimize our SLEEP- as we know if we don't get quality, restorative sleep then all of our other elements of THE WHOLESTIC METHOD...

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Training For Your Future Self

What are you doing now to optimize your health & performance for your FUTURE SELF? I just sent in my saliva sample to The DNA Company to learn more about my genetics as well as a new blood chemistry panel as I focus on improving the health of my future self- so I...

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Coca Pulse Test Tips

Coca Pulse Test for Food Sensitivities Coca Pulse Food Sensitivity Test:   For a day or two before doing testing, remove all suspected allergic foods from diet. During that time, take a resting pulse rate for a full 60 seconds frequently throughout the day:        ...

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Neurohacker Collective to Hack the Aging Process

What are the senescent cells? Everyone wants to slow down the signs of aging, but very few people are going about it the right way. The negative aspects of aging are one of the most ubiquitous challenges to quality of life. Scientists believe that part of the reason...

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Peak State Coffee & Danny Walsh

Today we are talking about one of our favorite morning drinks…COFFEE! Danny Walsh: Danny Walsh is an outdoors person, recreational athlete, and entrepreneur out of Boulder, CO. When he was diagnosed with a stress-related...

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Are you insulin resistant? How to Test and not Guess.

How do you TEST and not guess if you are prone to IR? Here is a great blog post from our friends at Nutrisense. "Testing for insulin resistance isn’t as straightforward as testing for prediabetes or diabetes, for which your doctor would request a fasting glucose or...

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