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Taking care of the WHOLE you is extremely essential right now in our world.  In 2015, I created “The WHOLESTIC Method” program based on my experience, struggles, education and observations on the best way to optimize health. 

As a personal trainer for over 25 years, I discovered that I was not able to help my clients reach their fat loss, health and performance goals with exercise alone. In order to optimize our health and wellness, we need to transform the WHOLE individual from the inside out with nutrition and lifestyle habits. 

 We can’t out exercise a poor diet (and other poor lifestyle choices as lack of sleep and excessive chronic stress)… but we can’t out supplement poor diet and lifestyle choices.

Now is the time to take care of your health on the inside and out with “The WHOLESTIC
Method” coaching programs for individuals (Health Detective Service) or group
online coaching with my “5-day Wellness Jumpstart” program or “30-day Total
Transformation Program”.


Starting the first week of each month!

Get a jumpstart on your wellness (and immune system) with my online “The WHOLESTIC Method” 5-day Jumpstart Wellness Program or 30-day Total Transformation Program” this April – as we need to prioritize our self-care and health building habits during this busy crazy time in our world. 

You can join my “Phase one: 5-day Wellness Jumpstart” program or get serious with my 30-day group coaching program …BUT you just need the 5-day program program for a jumpstart to your own home health building program.  Your choice… five days or 30-days starting Monday, March 30th for our kick off seminar.  Let’s take ownership of our health- put the “oxygen mask on first” so we can help deal everyone else in your family stay healthy and sane!

  • My online health and fat loss coaching program can be done in a group or individual coaching programs are available for those who are curious about being “Fit and Healthy” on the inside and out.
  • Individual health coaching is ideal for most everyone as we dive deep into your individual needs and imbalances with my “health detective” services using functional labs tests and clinical correlation to create an individual “D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success” protocol just for you.
  • Most people, even athletes, are NOT healthy on the inside.
  • You don’t know what is “under the hood” unless you investigate the WHOLE you with “The WHOLESTIC Method” Health Detective services.
  • All of the group (and individual coaching) programs are online so you can attend from anywhere in the world plus we will have weekly coaching calls at two different times so those in other times zones as Australia and the UK can join in as well as in North America.
  • Our required kick off informational seminar with my well-chosen PowerPoint slides based on your goals, main health concerns and questions via ZOOM video conference call will be scheduled for on the Monday of our starting week.
  • Once we have our consultation and you decide to register (commit and pay) online, I will send you the nutritional therapy intake forms, health history forms, food log and other housekeeping details when you register so you can get ready. 
  • You will have the weekend to “prep” and be ready to chat at our meeting on the Monday
  • Be sure to register early so you have time to prepare the kitchen, house and lifestyle.
  • The daily accountability and educational group coaching call is held via ZOOM will be schedule in the morning and perhaps in the evening if needed.
  • The daily or bi-weekly meetings are optional but really help individuals stay motivated, educated and inspired (team work!). 
  • For the 30-day program: I will be available during the program via email or text as needed (text, email and support meetings) for the 30-days to help you be successful in rebooting the WHOLE you- or just getting a jumpstart on your new lifestyle and rebuilding program. 
This is just the start of your new journey taking care of the WHOLE you from the inside out with The WHOLESTIC Method program!  You can’t out exercise a bad diet… and remember “every stress response is a blood sugar response”…AND 80% of your immune system is in your gut wall lining!! 

Take care of the WHOLE you with The WHOLESTIC Method eight elements

Our ZOOM video conference calls will help keep you on track, ask questions, discuss various topics of THE WHOLESTIC METHOD as well as to support and motivate each other.
  • Fat adaptation process to teach your body to burn fat – not sugar as main fuel source
  • Intermittent Fasting 16/8 to burn fat, repair and detox
  • Liver Detox and improve gut health
  • Reduce sources of external stress and stress management techniques
  • Improve energy, clarity and focus
  • Decrease inflammation as we improve gut health and function
  • Movement (get outside and walk daily!) plus great mobility, core and strength exercises
  • Daily exercise recommendations you can do at home and with me on ZOOM:  no equipment needed!
This is a three phase program in the 30-days to help you become a fat burning machine (“Flip the Switch”), optimize health (cell health/mitochondria) and improve performance (gain energy!) with The WHOLESTIC Method coaching program.
Sign up with Debbie and take advantage of my special rate for the 5-day Jumpstart WELLNESS or sign up for the 30-day Total Transformation program we can do together each week for the month of April. 

Regularly $697 for the 30-day group program but for April I am offering a $100 savings off for the 30-day program for ten clients or more.

Take advantage of The WHOLESTIC Method 30-day Wellness program $597 for April Special!

Another option is my “5-Day Jumpstart Wellness Program” is only  $127 per person – includes the above plus daily online workout video calls (ZOOM) using your own bodyweight.

The WHOLESTIC Method program starts with Phase One 5-day Wellness Jumpstart program then we progress to the Phase Two 21-Day Reset & Reboot Program then finish up with the Phase Three: Maintenance program. . 

Learn about the eight elements of The WHOLESTIC Method with the manual and work book assignments plus a real food nutrition plan that keeps your blood sugar balanced and activate your fat burning furnace. 
You can order the manual and workbook on Amazon- search for Debbie Potts, LIFE IS NOT A RACE and The WHOLESTIC Method manual. 
Do you need a REBOOT & RESET the WHOLE you to feel better from the inside out? Or maybe you are struggling with your new home bound routine with many sources of stress, distractions and eating?
  • Learn about the eight elements of The WHOLESTIC Method with the manual and workbook plus nutrition support.
  • Order the manual and workbook on Amazon- search for Debbie Potts and The WHOLESTIC Method.
  • Get started now by ordering your Keto Mojo to measure your glucose and ketones for 30 days or longer
  • Order your home equipment on Amazon- BOSU, stability ball, bands, rebounder, and more ideas on my LOW CARB ATHLETE Facebook page.
More links and information will be available on
Get a jumpstart taking care of the WHOLE you with “The WHOLESTIC Method” program starting with Debbie’s Phase One: 5-day Jumpstart Wellness Online.

Contact Debbie for a consultation before registration via

Individual Coach: The Health Detective Services
with Debbie Potts

  • The Health Detective 90 kickstart transformation program  
  • $697 x 3 monthly payments = $2091
  • Continue program plus 3 months at $597 x 3 monthly payments
  • Other options include for follow up:
  • 1 hour accountability and re-assessment $197
  • 1 hour accountability, re-assessment and update program $297

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