Resolve your individual case of “METABOLIC CHAOS”

FDN Health Detective (RE) Building Services

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® (FDN) is a methodology used to recover and maintain
the best health possible. We investigate underlying causes of unwanted conditions
including lifestyle, the environment and individual weak links in metabolism.

Let’s work together to collect clues and put the pieces of the puzzle together to help you restore your health and vitality from the inside out by optimizing the function of every cell, tissue, organ and body system. Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® is NOT about diagnosing or treating anything specific. Instead we use general health building strategies that will outperform any specific treatment. The FDN Practitioner investigation process offer only one diagnosis— METABOLIC CHAOS!

You are probably wondering

Metabolic chaos® is a state of health that exists because of complexities in one’s metabolism and underestimated influences from the environment; so correlation between the symptoms and cause is unpredictable. One clue of metabolic chaos® is when intervention, based on a traditionally reliable cluster of symptoms, produces only a marginal therapeutic response. Metabolic chaos® is responsible for symptoms that would otherwise be ascribed to other causes. Contributors to metabolic chaos® can be inborn, but they can also come from hidden stressors in the world today.

The FDN Health Detective 3-Step Process

Step 1: Assess

We assess your “Metabolic Chaos®” by running well chosen
functional labs to identify your healing opportunities and malfunctions within
the HIDDEN internal stressors:

  • Hormone
  • Immune
  • Digestion
  • Detoxification
  • Energy Production
  • Nervous Systems

We start our investigation into your HIDDEN stressors & malfunctions underlying most
chronic health complaints!

Be aware that the test results are NOT the problem and we do NOT treat the test results
or your symptoms… rather we use the results to provide us with insights into your
problems and into the areas that need improvement (rebalancing, rebooting and
restoring) as well as using the data to reveal a pathway to reducing CHAOS and restore
order so that your optimal health and vitality returns!

We run well-chosen functional labs and begin our investigation, but remember-

“The lab results are not the problem; they are the result of the problem” ~ Reed

Chronic Stress-Related Dysfunctions- or H.I.D.D.E.N. internal CHRONIC sources of stress include:
  • Symptoms & Lab Values
  • HPA axis and adrenal dysfunction
  • Cortisol dysregulation, circadian rhythm
    problems Hormone dynamics and imbalances
  • Poor nutrient breakdown and absorption
    Pro-oxidant vs. antioxidant imbalances
  • Sluggish liver, Detoxification
  • Dysbiosis and gut malfunction
  • Antigenic overload and pathogenic conditions
    Bacteria and yeast overgrowth
  • Biofilm, Biotoxins
  • Inflammation, Immunodeficiency

“We identify healing opportunities and apply wellness principles” ~ Reed

Step 2: Create an Individualized Program
We address Metabolic Chaos® with lab-guided drugless protocols & unique behavior program plus Debbie adds her 25 plus years of coaching experience with her eight elements of “The WHOLESTIC Method”.  We fine tune the lifestyle habits and adjust per each client’s individual needs using “The Goldilocks Effect”!

  • Diet- Metabolic Typing, Food Sensitivity Testing, DNAFit, Nutritional Therapy, Keto Mojo 
  • Rest- sleep hygeine routines, tracking sleep, unplugging, stop eating 3 hours before bed.
  • Exercise- strength training, cardiovascular, vinyasa yoga, yin yoga, nature walks and HIIT
  • Stress Reduction- identifying your external stressors, energy robbers and toxins.
  • Supplements- support and stimulate.

DRESS for Health Success® Program

We “coach up function, coach down contributors to Metabolic Chaos®, observe and correct course, expect health to return or vital voids are revealed” as FDN Practitioners or health detectives.

FDN Works Because of Sound Principles…

  • We do not diagnose or treat anything specifically- instead we address everything non- specifically
  • We identify your unique healing opportunities and remove as many of contributors to your case of “Metabolic Chaos®” as possible, revealing the basic systems that are actually failing or
  • Throughout our healing and rebuilding journey together, we work on nurturing these main body functions at a cellular level (improving every tissue, organ and body system), while we provide the right support to your “areas of opportunities” (weak links) that are a part of your own Metabolic Chaos®.
  • As we coach up the WHOLE you from the inside out and coach down the stressors- your metabolic pathways are gradually restored, and you regain optimal health (homeostasis) to feel your best again!

Don’t you want to improve the aging process and thrive each day in life?

Perhaps you are settling for your “new normal” and blame the aging process but what if you could feel even better and thrive each day?

Do you want to get your body and your vibrant self back again?

Keep in mind…

“General principles of health building outperform specific treatments” ~ Reed Davis, founder of FDN

Step three:  We run your individualized program


Keep in mind, your unique “root cause” may never be known as symptoms are far removed from the actual cause(s) – but that doesn’t impact your healing journey!

The root cause undetectable; it may be very far removed from what we may predict or even measures—which is why we treat the WHOLE you all at once and treat nothing specific as the WHOLE body works together!

We can create a positive effect upon it when you know what steps to take with your individualized “DRESS for Health Success” Protocol.

“Healing occurs when the healing process is focused on identifying and removing contributors to Metabolic Chaos® and supporting function through corrective behavior and natural therapies” ~ Reed Davis, founder FDN Practitioners

Are you struggling getting results from other coaches? 

Perhaps we need to start a full investigation to collect clues and put the missing pieces of the puzzle together for your individual needs and goals!  Set up a Discovery Call with Coach Debbie to dive in a little deeper!


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