The best way to improve fat loss, boost performance gains and enhance longevity.

Speed up fat loss by  
becoming fat adapted

Improve Performance in daily
life and sports

Transform the WHOLE you
from the inside out

Don’t you want to feel
ALIVE and THRIVE in daily life?

Get started on your new journey to transform the WHOLE you from the INSIDE OUT.

Speed up fat loss, Improve Energy
and Reduce Inflammation.

    • 25 plus years of experience
    • Over 100+ athletes coached and transformed
    • Member various health and fitness organizations
    • Host of “The Low Carb Athlete” Health Building podcast
    • Author of LIFE IS NOT A RACE – It is a Journey and
      The WHOLESTIC Method Workbook & Manual.

Does this sound like you…
  • Do you struggle with fat loss, fatigue and depression?
  • Are you trying to get your body and vibrant self back?
  • Do you feel that you are doing everything “right” but you can’t get the desired results from your efforts?
  • You are blaming the aging process for getting slower in life?
  • Do you struggle with doing too much each day, being overscheduled and not able to say NO to others?   

The struggle is real and I have been there myself — now my mission is to help you avoid going through the “METABOLIC CHAOS” as I have experienced. I’d like to help you with the solution I found!

Are you looking for the best way to burn fat and
feel good inside and out — and eventually
slow down the ageing process?

Transform the WHOLE you with Debbie’s unique approach to coaching:
“The WHOLESTIC Method Program”. A program that employs the eight elements:

  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Sleep
  • Stress
  • Movement & Mobility
  • Digestion/Gut Health
  • Hydration
  • Happiness, Play & Gratitude

Using these eight elements in her coaching program along with Nutritional Therapy, Lab Testing, DNAFit and more, Debbie will work with you to put the pieces of the puzzle together to bring your back to your optimal self!  The individualized coaching program will help you become fat adapted, optimize mitochondria function and improve energy to tackle the daily challenges of life. Don’t you want to improve the WHOLE you to slow down the aging process?

Client Testimonies

The WM 5–day jumpstart challenge was just what we needed
to shed holiday bloat, feel better, and most importantly
to kick–start us into healthier eating habits!


The 5–day Jump Start program was extremely eye opening for me. I was convinced that at my age (over 50) it was IMPOSSIBLE to lose weight— I lost 8 pounds during the course of this program! I feel so much better with my new nighttime routine introduced to me through this program (bath, bed, book–electronic free). My eating habits has changed. Keto has proved to be effective in weight loss. I look forward to continuing this lifestyle. Thanks so much for providing this easy to understand and follow program.


After years of regular exercise and thinking I was eating right, I was frustrated with the lack of results and weight gain; something needed to change. Fitness Forward’s Sugar Detox and Debbie’s coaching guided me through the benefits of eating the right foods. Healthy food took over my unhealthy food cravings. Not to mention the exercise program reinvigorated my workouts. The Fitness Forward studio is very inclusive and welcoming to new members. In 3 months I feel much better losing 29 lbs. Thank you, Debbie, for your guidance and encouragement.


I finally decided it was time…time to get help and get healthy.I researched a few programs and was about to sign up for one when Debbie Potts prompted me to check ingredients in the food I would be eating on the program. I didn’t recognize half of the ingredients! I resolved to enrolling in the 21–Day Sugar Detox program which taught me to eat healthy. The key is knowledge. Debbie taught me how to read labels, the importance of eating fresh, organic and hormone free foods and how to avoid foods high in sugar. She also has me on a workout and sleep schedule that has increased my energy. It has taken me 20 years to finally get to this point. Debbie you are a life changer, Thank you.


The WHOLESTIC Method Coaching Program

Stop Racing Through Daily Life.  Do the WHOLESTIC Approach.

Are you spending your daily life in a constant grind everyday, with barely a moment of rest? 

Are you having trouble looking for the best way to burn fat even though you are doing everything “right”?

Do you find it difficult to get to any desired results even with nutrition and exercise?

Are you looking to get an edge in your next race or event as an athlete?

Take a new approach to improve performance and longevity with

“The WHOLESTIC Method Coaching Program. 

This just may be the answer you have been searching for all these years!


5-Day Liver Detox
Jumpstart Challenge


Get a Jumpstart on your fat
adaptation process with Coach
Debbie Potts. Daily ZOOM
accountability coaching
calls included.

The 30-Day Total Transformation
and Fat Loss Challenge Program


Get a Jumpstart on your fat
adaptation process with Coach
Debbie Potts. Daily ZOOM
accountability coaching
calls included.



Initial One-hour Coaching Call


Learn various important points
of being a WHOLE Athlete


Follow-up Coaching Call


(60 minutes)

Low Carb -Hight Fat
Training for Groups


Follow-up Coaching Call


(30 minutes)

Transform to a Totally
New You with Debbie Potts

With Debbie Potts as Your Coach,
You’ll Get these bonuses


  • Five Day Jumpstart Manual
  • Private or group messaging
  • Five Day Low Carb, Keto Meal Plan
  • Daily Tips and Guidelines to becoming a WHOLE athlete
  • One Hour WHOLESTIC Coaching sessions
  • Online private Facebook Group to share meal plans, workouts, and questions
  • Online support available to you by team and coach
  • WHOLESTIC Tribe Newsletter

 Debbie Potts

“Let’s take this journey together and we can all become healthy on the inside and out.
We will transform into a new, better version of ourselves, slow down the aging process,
all while we continue doing whichever race makes us happy.”


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