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The WHOLE Athlete Coaching

Finish your first race or set a new personal record with our running and triathlon coaching!

Learn how to train efficiently for great results. From running and triathlon, to metabolic and fat loss, I’ll be there to guide you on your journey to improve performance, and become a WHOLE new athlete.

5- Day Jumpstart Challenge

Get a JUMPSTART on burning fat and getting off the blood sugar roller coaster with The WHOLESTIC Method 5-day challenge!

Learn about the 8 elements of The WHOLESTIC Method to become a fat burning machine, optimize health at a cellular level and improve performance for life.

30-Day Transformation Program

Learn how to make your body a fat burning machine with our signature “WHOLESTIC Method” coaching approach to improving fat loss, health, and performance!

Get to know how to become more efficient at using fat for fuel, manage your stress, improve sleep, digestion, movement and get off the blood sugar roller coaster. Receive individual attention to keep you accountable and to help you reach your goals quickly and effectively, or get a team of 3-5 people together to create a friendly competitive challenge.

The WHOLESTIC Method Nutritional Therapy Program

Transform from the inside out using the WHOLESTIC Method in the TWM Nutritional Therapy Program!

Get immersed in a 4-session coaching program plus 4-6 weeks of follow-up sessions to get to the root cause of symptoms through properly prepared, nutrient-dense, whole foods diet paired with a well-balanced lifestyle while respecting bio-individuality and the body’s innate ability to heal.

The Debbie Potts

This is The Ultimate VIP WHOLESTIC Method 30-day Program!
Train, work out, and plan your transformation with Debbie Potts
in an All-exclusive 3-month commitment

Complete with a follow-up email plan!

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Train the WHOLE Athlete

How Chronic Stress IMPACTS The Whole You!

Jumpstart Your Path to Transformation from the Inside Out to become a chronic stress-resilient, fat burning machine by grabbing this FREE eBook!

How Chronic Stress Impacts The Whole You eBook

Grab your FREE Copy of Top fitness trainer and health coach Debbie Potts’
a 62-page book that contains:

  • Stress and chronic stress, how they can affect you, and how you can build resiliency
  • The eight elements of The WHOLESTIC Method
  • Secrets to become a fat-burning, health-optimized athlete with improved performance
  • Training secrets from 25+ years of experience and education in the fitness industry
  • Multiple interviews from experts on The WHOLE Athlete Podcast she hosts.

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We train the WHOLE Athlete with our comprehensive program including exercise, Nutritional Therapy, Metabolic Efficiency, Detox programs, Digestion repair, Nutritional Supplements, Sweat therapy for detoxification and cellular health.

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