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In 2013, around March, I started to feel run down, sluggish and weak. After an amazing racing year in 2012 and reaching peak performance gains… I suddenly was experiencing unexplained weight gain, chronic fatigue and muscle lost.

I was riding my bike as usual one day and suddenly I wasn’t able to create enough muscle force to make another pedal stroke.

I was done.

I pulled over to the side of the road and starting crying… hysterically.

WHAT is wrong with me? Why am I struggling so much? What happened?

That was the beginning to what I now see as my “PURPOSE”… and I wrote a book about my personal journey as a competitive “type AAA” athlete, small business owner and wife “LIVING LIFE AS A RACE”. I went from feeling strong, fit and fast as an top age group athlete – to a broken, burned out, and exhausted on the inside out. n

You can be fit and healthy… but many of us are fit and UNHEALTHY (and even fit, fat and unhealthy)! People will say you look “normal” and you haven’t changed… or nothing is different. Doctors will say you have anxiety and depression issues.

You look “normal” on the outside – but on the inside you are a broken down mess.

How do you know?

You do not know unless you test… so stop guessing what is “WRONG” with and blaming the aging process. TEST with functional lab tests but don’t treat the test results.

Instead we look at the WHOLE person and take The WHOLESTIC Method approach to repairing, rebuilding and restoring you back to your best self.

Don’t make another New Year’s Resolution to lose weight, start a new eating program or to get to the gym everyday.

Instead invest in your health and wellness… take ownership and get an individualized “D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success” protocol for your body, needs and goals to optimize your body back to balance or homeostasis. d

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