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A podcast to help aging athletes gain the tools to improve body composition, performance gains and longevity markers.

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Transform the WHOLE you from the inside out with The WHOLESTIC Method. 

Learn how you can improve your body composition, performance gains and longevity markers today… and start training your FUTURE SELF now.

Anti-Nutrients, Phytates and GoodPhyte with Amy Puzey

Who is Amy Puzey and what is her mission?? Amy began her education in nursing at University of Alberta and a few years into her degree realized she wanted to work on the preventative side of health and switched to study holistic nutrition. She became…

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Coach Debbie Potts on Tips to IMPROVE your VO2 Max

Today we review articles on HOW you can improve your VO2 Max.  Ideally you have had your VO2 Max tested and established your CURRENT heart rate training zones, as with me in North San Diego, or estimate your current level…then you need a…

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Tips to Improving Longevity Markers with Coach Debbie

Stop blaming the aging process and start EMBRACING it! VO2 max, metabolic health markers, and muscle health are all important factors that can influence the aging process and contribute to…

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