Reed Davis on FDN-Practitioner’s Role

Reed Davis, Facebook Post-Date 19 July 2018 “Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® (FDN) is a methodology used to build and maintain health. We have no interest in diagnosing or treating disease. Instead, we investigate underlying causes of unwanted conditions...

Lets Starting Explaining the Fat Adapted Athlete Process

How do you become fat adapted? What is ME, MF, FA and OFM? Listen and learn on our upcoming episodes of The WHOLE Athlete podcast this fall!  We have talked for years on this show, especially when it was called FIT FAT FAST, all about metabolic efficiency training and...

What is an FDN Practitioner and METABOLIC CHAOS?

Is your lifestyle creating METABOLIC CHAOS? Do you struggle reaching your health, fitness and wellness goals? Do you exercise and try to eat healthy but still experience unresolved health complaints? Are you stuck in the cycle of “trial and error”?? As I...

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