Chronic Stressors and YOU!

Do you desire to avoid chronic fatigue, breakdown and burn out? How does CHRONIC stress impact the WHOLE you? Chronic Stressors and the WHOLE you! As you may have heard … my husband Neal and I made a HUGE life change this summer.  Due to Covid, or rather a gift...

How do you see yourself?

How would you describe yourself today? Who do you want to be in the FUTURE? What is your passion and purpose that you are following? This month I am doing an online program to improve my future self, lead by Dr. Benjamin Hardy, author of “Personality isn’t Permanent”...

Do you have too much or too litte AMBITION?

Ambition.  The good and the bad.  As I have said over the years… “anything too much can become toxic, anything too little can lead to deficiencies”.  During my mentor business building call yesterday, I had an “Ah-ha” moment on my life, my reactions and...

Microbiome Analysis

Test and stop guessing what is actually going on “under the hood”! You may look great on the outside but most athletes appear healthy on the outside but are a mess on the inside from chronic stressors as over training and living life as a race! You can...

Update from The Pott’s Hilltop

Life is a Journey. Enjoy the Ride. What are you doing to improve your quality of life? Well …we moved our entire life from Seattle, WA to North San Diego this past summer. We found a special house with a unique and magical “Hilltop” sanctuary.   Now...

How Chronic Stress IMPACTS The Whole You!

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