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StrateGene Reports

What StrateGene Offers

Tired of chasing protocols for SNPs? With StrateGene, you see how clinically relevant genetic polymorphisms taken from 23andMe work and interact with one’s diet, lifestyle and their environment. This allows you to make holistic based recommendations.

Want to know how a SNP may play a role in health? With StrateGene, you get a breakdown of associated conditions and symptoms along with kinetic variation.

Click here to learn more about how to learn about your genetic report from Dr. Ben Lynch and his StrateGene report.

Want more free time? With StrateGene, you only get well-researched SNP’s that are clinically relevant. Not every SNP under the sun. More unnecessary information is not better. Get back to your hobbies!

Need support? As a free bonus, we created a private StrateGene Facebook group where you may ask questions and gain insight from other StrateGene users!

23andMe Genes Evaluated by StrateGene

As of August 2017, StrateGene analyzes these genetic polymorphisms:

Core SNPsBonus SNPs

  •  SLC19A1
  •  MTHFD1
  •  MTHFR
  •  MTRR
  •  CBS
  •  SOD2
  •  G6PD
  •  COMT
  •  NOS3/eNOS (rs1800779)
  •  GSTP1
  •  NAT2
  •  BCO1
  •  FUT2
  •  NQO1
  •  PEMT
  •  FADS1
  •  FADS2
  •  TNFalpha
  •  APOE
  •  HFE (i3002468/rs1800730)
  •  VDR
  •  LRRK2

FAQsWho does the 23andMe v5 chip effect? It affects people who ran reports later than July 2017.

What is missing from the 23andMe v5 chip? It is not missing much. Please see Dr Lynch’s article regarding the changes-

How does StrateGene differ from Livewello and MTHFR Support? StrateGene provides only well-researched SNPs that have clinical relevance. Our research team hand-picks each SNP based on strict criteria.

Can the general public order StrateGeneYes! 

Can I use raw data? Yes! Can I use raw data? You can visit this link, for instructions on how to download your raw data file.

Where do I download my raw data from 23andMe?You will need to visit this link, where you may be asked to log in. From there, instructions will be provided and be sure “All DNA” is selected in the “Data set” drop down. Finally click the Download Data button to initiate the download.

When and where do I send you my 23andMe data?You will be prompted to upload your 23andMe or data into your StrateGene report after you have purchased it and accessed the report inside of your Dashboard.

Are you curious now?

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