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Vibrant Wellness (Zoomer) Testing Information

  • Not available in New York State
  • Kits can be shipped to Canada via FDN and shipping will be extra.  Your client would responsible for the 2 day return shipping back to the lab.
  • Follow this link to locate a blood draw center:

The Wheat ZoomerTM requires a blood draw and fasting for at least 8 hours prior to your draw is recommended, but not required.

Comprehensive antibody recognition will simultaneously identify any of the conditions which may be associated with gluten and/or wheat, to include:

  • Intestinal permeability (“leaky gut syndrome”)
  • Celiac disease
  • Wheat allergy
  • Wheat germ agglutinin-related vitamin D deficiencies
  • Gluten ataxia and other neurological symptoms
  • Dermatitis/eczema (skin-related disorders)
  • Gluten sensitivity
  • Wheat sensitivity

Wheat Zoomer – $199 plus MDP fee

Neural Zoomer – $149 plus MDP fee

Add on Zoomers – $199 each plus MDP fee

Vibrant Wwellness tests for more info:

  1. – look through the GutZoomer folder
  2. — look under Food Sensitivity folder; we have dental different versions but the Complete Food Profile is the best for $350 which tests 210 foods AND 57 Food additives 
  3. — look under Wheat Zoomer folder (the Wheat Zoomer includes the intestinal  permeability panel) and you also order the intestinal permeability panel alone for $199

Intestinal Permeability and Food Sensitivities

* Food Zoomers: A proprietary line of peptide-level tests for thousands of peptides in commonly antigenic foods, with higher accuracy than standard food sensitivity testing.

These tests are designed to help busy providers customize and personalize diet recommendations when addressing complicated conditions such as intestinal permeability and autoimmune diseases, in order to avoid one-size-fits-all elimination protocols that may be unnecessarily limiting, or even harmfully add reactive foods, in some cases.

The Wheat Zoomer: Vibrant’s flagship peptide-level test with the most robust panel available for the detection of intestinal permeability, gluten- and wheat-sensitivity, celiac disease, and gluten-mediated autoimmunity

Corn Zoomer: to assess sensitivity to multiple peptides in corn, including GMO and non-GMO varieties

Grain Zoomer: to assess sensitivity to commonly consumed gluten-free grains

Lectin Zoomer: to assess sensitivity to 16 high lectin foods and 7 high aquaporin foods

Dairy Zoomer: to assess sensitivity to multiple peptides in cow’s milk dairy 

Mammalian Milk Zoomer: to assess sensitivity to multiple peptides in non-bovine alternative animal milks

Egg Zoomer: to assess sensitivity to multiple peptides in both egg yolk and egg white

Peanut Zoomer: to assess sensitivity to multiple peptides in peanut

o Soy Zoomer : to assess sensitivity to multiple peptides in soy, including GMO and non-GMO varieties

Nut Zoomer : to assess sensitivity to multiple peptides in the most commonly consumed nuts, including those with cross-reactivity to other nuts and legumes

Seafood Zoomer : to assess sensitivity to multiple peptides in the most commonly consumed  fish and shellfish

Food Sensitivity: a whole protein extract test for sensitivity to 209 commonly consumed foods through both IgG and IgA immunoglobulins*

Food Additives: this is a brand new test to our menu, and includes antibody-based testing for 57 food additives including elements, emulsifiers and surfactants, flavor enhancers, fibrous additives, food dyes and pigments, gums and thickening agents, pesticides, preservatives and antioxidants,sweeteners, and others (BPA and latex).*Food Additives can be added to Food Sensitivity as part of our Food Sensitivity Complete test.

Food Component testing: Testing for antigens in 3 of the most allergenic foods at an affordable price.


The Wheat Zoomer: Vibrant’s flagship peptide-level test with the most robust panel available for the detection of intestinal permeability, gluten- and wheat-sensitivity, celiac disease, and gluten-mediated autoimmunity

The Gut Zoomer: a PCR-based test for screening almost 300 bacteria, including 67 pathogens comprising intestinal parasites, worms, fungi, and viruses; relative abundances are displayed at the phylum, family, genus, and species level, and correlated to medical condition risk. The Gut Zoomer now also includes a full functional diagnostic panel measuring calprotectin, pancreatic elastase, beta-glucoronidase, bile acids, short-chain fatty acids, and more!

IBSSure: a screening tool for antibodies that are associated with the autoimmune breakdown of the migrating motor complex (MMC), which can result in the development of refractory SIBO

Infections and Toxins

Tickborne Diseases: a test for detecting Lyme and other tickborne diseases through both antigen testing and PCR recognition of microorganisms at a highly accurate level for definitive data in making diagnostic decisions

Infections panel: a panel of 7 of the most common infections associated with autoimmunity of the nervous system and systemic autoimmune and inflammatory conditions; this panel is available as a standard part of our Neural Zoomer Plus, or can be ordered separately

* Mycotoxins: The most comprehensive panel for detection of exposure to mycotoxins, with 31 markers measured to the most toxic molds and mycotoxins

* Fungal Antibodies: a comprehensive panel of antibodies to common and emerging fungal pathogens known to cause disease and inflammatory symptoms in humans

* Environmental Toxins: a thorough panel of 39 of the most inflammatory environmental toxins detected in urine, including plasticizers, pesticides, and more

Organic Acids: A comprehensive functional assessment of cellular, metabolic, infectious, digestive and inflammatory markers to aid in assessing sufficiency of body systems and detoxification underlying disease and inflammatory symptoms. 


The Neural Zoomer: the most comprehensive neurological degeneration and autoimmune screening tool available, with 48 antibodies to various structural and functional elements in the brain and nervous system. Aids in identifying antibodies including those responsible for dementia (memory loss) blood brain barrier disruption, neuropathies and inflammation.

* Neurotransmitters: A thorough and foundational look at urinary neurotransmitters and metabolites, including 7 which are unique to Vibrant. This panel is geared to assess the underlying imbalances in neurotransmitters found in common chronic inflammatory conditions. 

Urinary Hormones and Metabolites: A highly sensitive and comprehensive panel of urinary hormones to asses the patterns of imbalance found in hormones in inflammatory, immunological, and metabolic dysfunction.

Salivary Hormones: A standard 4-point saliva collection to complement Neurotransmitter or Urinary hormone testing, including cortisol and other diurnal hormones.


Micronutrient: a one-of-a-kind nutritional screening tool to assess direct measurement of both intra- and extracellular nutrient status of common vitamins, minerals, co-factors, amino acids, essential fatty acids and more

Heavy Metals: a urine-based assay for the 20 most common heavy metal elements, with option for provoked and non-provoked ordering

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