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Conflicting food advice is now obsolete

We are all bio-individuals so what which foods are good for me to eat, digest and absorb are going to be different than the foods best for you!

One diet doesn’t work for everyone. We are all different!

Solution? VIOME.

We are all bio-individuals so what which foods are good for me to eat, digest and absorb are going to be different than the foods best for you!

Order your gut biome test here.

The testing kit is mailed to you and you take the tests in the privacy of your own home then ship back to VIOME. I can help you with the results and implement them into your THE WHOLESTIC METHOD Program for your individualized plan.

 Discover more about what makes those vital microbes tick and explore the fascinating science behind the results section within the Viome app!

Insights are supported by graphs that help you visualize your progress like in the Your Gut Ecosystem sections–Microbial Richness, Microbial Diversity and Gut Lining Shedding. Watch out how colors change from red (Needs Improvement), purple (Average) to green (Good) to indicate your score.

Have some fun in this new update! In Your Microbes under Your Microbial Activity, you can make comparisons. Do you want to know how you stack up against a vegetarian? You can do that now. You’ll be able to compare your gut microbiome to different age groups and genders.

Don’t be surprised if we renamed certain categories. It’s for clarity. Wellness Overview is now Microbiome Overview. Instead of saying certains amounts are low or high, we dig deeper and say your microbiome has high or low richness; more or less diversity.

A few other changes you’ll see in this update:

  • Fun feature: Compare your microbes with other people — male or female, vegetarians and omnivores, different age groups
  • Organisms are displayed in their most detailed form
  • Keyword definitions have been added for your reference
  • Your serving size recommendations are now downloadable in PDF form
  • From the app, you can register, request for a retest kit, track your test, and receive helpful reminders

The latest Viome app update is our more informative and insightful update yet. As we continue to discover all the incredible mysteries the gut microbiome contains, we will continue to update the app to reflect our findings.    

This video will help you go through the results on the VIOME app as well as me as your health coach.

Click here to order VIOME Test and then we can schedule our Nutritional Therapy meeting

If you’re frustrated with…

  • Losing weight 
  • Keeping weight off
  • Conflicting diet advice
  • Having food and sugar cravings
  • Starving yourself…

It’s time for your gut check!

There is no one diet that’s perfect for everyone, or even one diet that’s perfect for everyone throughout their whole life, but there IS a better way.  How do you find out what’s happening inside your gut and keep those pounds off you? This is where Viome comes in. It analyzes your gut and tells you what foods you should be eating and what foods you need to be minimizing and avoiding to balance your gut, reduce inflammation and lose weight.

Discover what’s happening inside your gut and get a personalized action plan to fix it. 

Click here to learn more and order your VIOME gut biome testing kit to help you optimize your health from the inside out with The WHOLESTIC Method Program.

How it Works

We believe there is no one-size-fits-all diet for your good health. After all, one man’s food is another man’s poison. In three easy steps, you can be on your way to feeling better, losing weight, getting better sleep, eliminating brain fog and having more energy!

Step 1 – We send your easy to use at-home kit to collect samples from you.

Step 2 – We analyze your samples in order to understand what nutrients and toxins are being produced by your gut organisms.

Step 3 – We recommend which foods to enjoy and which foods to minimize to balance your gut microbiome.


Precision You

  • There is no such thing as universal healthy food. What’s healthy for one person can be inflammatory for another.
  • Viome analyzes your gut using the most cutting-edge technology developed for National Security at the Los Alamos National Lab. We are the only company to be able to detect the nutrients and toxins being produced by your microbiome and give you personalized recommendations of foods and nutrients to heal your gut with the goal to keep you free from chronic conditions.

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