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How to Recover from Concussion

(Physiological and Psychological)

with Dr. Dan Engle

A concussion can happen without even hitting your head. Dr. Dan Engle discusses more of this, and how to recover from the side effects that originate from both physiological and psychological factors.

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Making Sense with NutriSense!

Do you want to get your body and VIBRANT self back again? Let's test and not guess what is actually going on inside and under the hood! You can now measure your glucose levels 24 hours a day with NutriSense and get the feedback from a R.D.. Today we dive deep into a...

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Learn how to GET FIT & HEALTHY on the inside out! Investigae your missing pieces from your health optimization puzzle to reveal the question WHY! The FDN HIDDEN Stress Detective! Are you ready to GET HEALTHY by starting an individualized health investigation that...

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Episode #380 with Brad Kearns

Episode #373 with Raphael Sirtoli of Nutrita

Today we talk to Raphael on the program Nutrita. Nutrita = Track your food and enjoy nutrient dense personalized recipes-Explore +20,000 foods and +150 professionally curated recipes to support your health and performance goals. Twitter (@raphaels7...
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How Chronic Stress IMPACTS The Whole You!

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