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How to Recover from Concussion

(Physiological and Psychological)

with Dr. Dan Engle

A concussion can happen without even hitting your head. Dr. Dan Engle discusses more of this, and how to recover from the side effects that originate from both physiological and psychological factors.

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Episode #448 Brad Kearns on Performance & Longevity

Episode #448 Brad Kearns on Performance & Longevity

Debbie catches up with Brad Kearns to discuss new “hack stacks” to improve fat loss, performance and longevity – as well all work on improving the aging process as the “aging athlete”! 1.  What is Brad’s morning exercise routine? 2. What are…

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Optimal Fat Metabolism, Vespa & Fasted Exercise

What is OFM and how to you get there? We have been discussing a lot this year on optimal fat metabolism, when to eat before a workout and when not to eat before a workout.  What are the steps to become a fat adapted athlete? The Low Carb Athlete podcast actually...

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