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LEAKY GUT is basically the end result from chronic irritation to the mucosal barrier/gut wall lining, we create “holes” and inflammation in the gut. 

As a result of excessive exposure to stressors as antigens, pathogens, inflammatory particles and microorganisms that are not supposed to enter the small intestines, the domino effect of malfunctions to the brush border, microvilli, begin to destroy the mucosal border resulting in:

  1. Inflammatory reactions destroy microvilli (brush border) by creating blunting (shaved villi).
  2. A blunted brush border then leads to-
    1. Low enzymes (maltase, lactase, sucrase, dextranase and glucoamylase) are a result of the blunted brush border
    1. Lactose intolerance and indigestion develops
    1. Reduced substances to micellize fats and oils
    1. Poor fat and oil assimilation
    1. Floating stools
  3. Villous atrophy and crypt hyperplasia eventually occur in time creating-
    1. Maldigestion and malabsorption of nutrients
    1. Malnutrition and deficiencies
    1. Reduced amino acid-based neurotransmitters

Gut malfunction result in malnourishment and compromised immunity! 

What is Leaky Gut?

As tight junctions, the area between the enterocytes, “Zona Occludes”, become damaged, and loosen up.  The tight junctions are supposed to prevent the passage of molecules through the space between the epithelial cells.  Materials are to enter the cells by DIFFUSION instead.  They can be neutralized by the immune system but now the gut is permeable. 

What happens if the tight junctions loosen up too much when they get damaged from excess inflammatory particles and toxins? 

NOW the gut becomes “permeable” – larger than desired particles are floating through the cells (tight now loose junction) and the immune system is leaking things out that are not supposed to be leaked out into the outer body.  We start see (or experience) antigenic/toxic load increase (leaks) into the general circulation and lymphatic system. 

What is the end result?

A “humoral immune response” is activated – “leaky gut” creates a pro-inflammatory state and puts the body in a state of disease.  The basic immune system is going to be activated- white blood cells start attacking, immune system activated, and the “war” is on creating auto-immune issues, muscle aches, pains, migraines, skin problems and more. 

Hyperpermeability is the one of the most common underlying health issues overlooked by the medical community. 

Now you should have more of an understanding of the importance to address the gut health and run the right combination of functional labs to assess the entire pictures. 

Gut bugs can be the result of compromised gut function as they can get through as the “guards” are no longer blocking the entrance to the “castle”. 

The liver gets congested with these immune complexes (antigens, toxins,) as the immune system has to work overtime and the liver can’t keep up with the demand- which is why we test liver function in the BH101 lab test.  The correlation between the symptoms, complaints and the five main labs all overlap- contributors or results of METABOLIC CHAOS.

“Leaky Gut describes a condition in which the lining of the small intestine becomes damaged, causing undigested food particles, toxic waste products, and bacteria to penetrate and enter the bloodstream. These foreign substances invading the bloodstream can cause autoimmune responses, including inflammatory and allergic reactions. These agents can cause local and systemic reactions associated with a broad range of diseases. In addition to Leaky Gut’s role in “letting the bad things in” it also the culprit for keeping out the good; in the form of damaged cells which cannot adequately produce the substances necessary to aid in digestion of nutrients. A failure in the quality of nutrient intake is at the root of a myriad of health problems, including those which impact hormone balance and brain function.”  – Biohealth Labs

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