Episode #399 with Dorian of Keto Mojo

Episode #399 with Dorian of Keto Mojo

Do you use Keto Mojo? Do you know the story of the founders of Keto Mojo? Let’s chat with co-founder Dorian: What is his WHY, passion, purpose and mission. “I want to change the way we think about our lifestyle… our diets… our health, I think you...
Episode #399 with Dorian of Keto Mojo

Episode #398 Part Two: Do you have MOLD TOXICITY?

Today I talk again (part two) to Ryan Monahan on Mold Toxicity and review MY Organic Acids Test results! Who is Ryan?  Ryan Monahan, FDN-P, Clinical Advisor to the Medical Director Program at FDN, and Certified AIP Coach. I have a passion for uncovering hidden...
Episode #399 with Dorian of Keto Mojo

Episode #387 Keto Endurance with Stephanie Holbrook

My friend Stephanie Holbrook of KETO ENDURANCE “sat down” today to catch up on the endurance world in 2020 as well as how to train and race as a Keto or Low Carb Athlete. Questions we chat about include…more to come in part two Your experiencing doing the first 70.3...
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