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A fast-paced lifestyle and even faster food make it challenging to eat a healthy diet. Combined with decades of misinformation and rapidly changing opinions, it’s become nearly impossible to know what to eat (or not eat) for proper health.

Website: gethlthcode


The DNA Company

Find Out How to Reduce Risks by Understanding Which Health Choices are Right for Your Genes
Discover exactly which foods, supplements, workouts, environment, and lifestyle are right for you based on your unique DNA.

Website: thednacompany



We started selling fitness programs, digestive enzymes and organic plant-based protein in 2004. Our obsession to build the best-in-class formulas and solutions just gets stronger. Our policy is, “If we can’t build the best product in that category, forget about it.”

Website: biooptimizers


XERO Shoes

Like your body, our SOLE is the foundation of everything we do. Letting your foot move naturally, plus giving you just-right protection, support, and comfort… and backed by our 5,000 mile sole warranty!

Website: xeroshoes


Vibrant Blue Oils

Vibrant Blue Oils are properly extracted, organic, therapeutic-grade oils from wild-crafted, organic plants grown in their indigenous locations.
We source our oils through small, independently-owned, organic farms, working directly with the small villages and farmers to ensure the integrity and quality of the product.

Website: vibrantblueoil


Keto Mojo

Keto-Mojo is an independently owned, Napa Valley-based company that was founded on the principle of making the ketogenic lifestyle accessible, approachable, and enjoyable to the millions of people who can benefit from this way of life. We do that by providing the tools and information people need to follow a deliciously enriching keto diet.

Website: ketomojo



Kion supports your most joyful, active life with pure, energy-enhancing supplements and functional foods.

Kion is redefining energy solutions with products designed to give you energy for life, every day.

Website: getkion



Equip uses clean, whole-food ingredients. That’s food you feel good about eating—not the junk that most supplements are filled with. Creating a higher standard for your health and well-being.

Website: vibrantblueoil



Biosense delivers accurate breath ketone data using a unique deep lung air sampling technique to measure across a broad range of ketone levels (ACEs). It is the only breath monitor with clinical data that shows a high correlation with blood ketones throughout a full day.

Website: mybiosense


Fuel Food for Endurance Athletes

Fuel provides meal plans, shopping lists, and recipes for vegans, carnivores and everything in between. All of your menus are customizable to fit your tastes and lifestyle
With Fuel you can easily search, plan and shop for your weekly meals and grocery lists in as little as 15 minutes.s

Website: fuelfood


Athletic Greens

Athletic Greens was started more than a decade ago as a way to bring comprehensive and convenient daily nutrition to just about everybody. Taking a bunch of pills and capsules is hard on the stomach and hard to keep up with. To help each of us be at our best, we developed a better approach to providing your body with everything it needs for optimal performance.


Paleo Valley

Paleovalley creates products with integrity that are free from problematic ingredients and teeming with ingredients that promote vibrant health. Their mission is to create products that live up to their own strict standards and always prioritize health over profit

Website: Paleovalley


HVMN Ketone IQ

Ketones are nature’s superfuel. Our bodies create them when we’re pushed to our metabolic limits, often through long fasts or carb-restricted (keto) diets.
But modern diets & sedentary lifestyles keep us from having elevated ketone levels or experiencing the health & performance benefits that come with it. Until now, that is.



NutriSense CGM

NutriSense arms you with the tools to understand what makes your body tick and make changes that work for you.

The Nutrisense CGM nutrition experts work with you to find your ideal personalized diet, provide accountability, help you decode your data, and show you how to understand what your glucose numbers really mean.


Website: Nutri|Sense


Real Plans Meal Planner

Use our app at home or on the go from any device. Customize your healthy meal plans for exactly how and what you want to eat.

Whether you’re dealing with food allergies, training for gains, just trying to eat healthier, or satisfy picky eaters, you can easily personalize your app with 1,600+ recipes.


Website: Realplans



We’re on a mission to help people to live and feel the way they deserve
We’ve grown since our humble beginnings, but our core values remain the same. We will never compromise on quality.
Our lenses have been designed and developed with the world’s leading experts on light-protective technology, and utilize the world’s most advanced, proprietary blue light-absorbing pigment technology.

Website: raoptics


Precision Health Reports

You want to take control of your health and we are here to help.
Whether you do not have a primary care physician or are just interested in managing your personal health, our risk assessments are your guide to understanding your unique risk for developing type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, or having a heart attack or stroke.
Promo Code: LOWCARBATHLETE for 10% discount off of their Cardiometabolic Risk Assessment
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SFuels LLC

SFuels was born to provide the right fuel at the right time for both performance athletes and active lifestylers. Go Longer doing what you love!
SFuels products support training your body to use (optimally oxidize) fat and carbohydrate simultaneously allowing you to go longer in your training, your competitive racing and your everyday active lifestyle.

Website: sfuelsllc

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Wild Pastures

Wild Pastures is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality, pasture-raised meats from American family farms to your doorstep without cutting corners.
We are committed to helping change the meat industry for the better by getting back to nature and out of the factory.
Our animals are 100% pasture-raised by family farmers right here in the USA using rotational grazing practices on pastures free from pesticides and herbicides. 
Promo Code: Link for 20% OFF Subscriptions for Life + Free Shipping for Life + $15 OFF your first box.

Website: wildpasture

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LMNT is a tasty electrolyte drink mix with everything you need and nothing you don’t. That means lots of salt — with no sugar.  LMNT is formulated to help anyone with their electrolyte needs and is perfectly suited to folks following a keto, low-carb, or paleo diet. 
LMNT contains a science-backed electrolyte ratio: 1000 mg sodium, 200mg potassium, 60 mg magnesium.
With none of the junk. No sugar. No coloring. No artificial ingredients. No gluten. No fillers. No BS.

Website: drinklmnt

sunlighten sponsor


Choosing a sauna to add to your wellness routine means looking at your lifestyle and your health goals to find the sauna that will be the best fit. We’d love to help you do that! Whether it’s relaxation you’re craving or deep detoxification, Sunlighten infrared saunas will help you achieve your wellness desires.

From weight loss to muscle recovery and skin rejuvenation, our patented infrared technology will restore your body and your mind. Select your health benefit need(s) and how many people you want room for in your sauna to learn which options are best for you.

Website: sunlighten

Trihard sponsor


Our products are developed and tested by a community of scientists and athletes to support your active lifestyle without compromising your skin and hair. Our formulas are powered by PLECOTECH™, our proprietary patent-pending cleansing technology based on the optimal ratio of natural Red Algae, Dead Sea Minerals, and Botanical Extracts. The unique formulation effectively prevents, protects, and treats your body from the adverse effects of sweat, pool and ocean chemicals, chafing, and muscle and mind fatigue.


Website: trihard



TriDot users improve an average of 3.2x more than non-users and
experience performance improvements in 30% less training time.

Normalized Training Stress™ (NTS™) is the consummate method of quantifying the physiological stress from a training session. It considers the session’s discipline type, environment, intensity distribution, intensity levels, intensity durations, and your Training Stress Profile™ or your ability to absorb training stress.

Website: tridot

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