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What are you doing right now to take care of the WHOLE you to burn fat (balance your blood sugar!), optimize health (gut health!) and improve longevity (mitochondria!)?

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I am concerned for our world. We have been told for the past three months to “stay home…stay safe…and stay healthy” but the media or the government will tell you HOW to stay healthy.

How do you optimize your health?

What is the best OFFENSE that makes it be the best DEFENSE!?

Taking caring of the WHOLE you … self care with the eight plus elements of “The WHOLESTIC Method” program as below.

Are you taking care of the WHOLE you from the inside out?

We should all be taking ownership, taking responsibility and taking charge of our own health by …

Dictionary definition of the word Stress.
  1. Nutrition- eat real nutrient dense food that doesn’t have a label with ingredients you can’t understand plus that balances your blood sugar and keeps you burning fat.
  2. Exercise – “The Goldilocks Effect” when you exercise each week including lifting heavy weights, getting outside for fresh air cardiovascular exercise, yoga and core work!
  3. Sleep – an essential part so make sure you are getting to bed earlier than later while avoiding blue light and multi-tasking! Create a sleep hygeine routine.
  4. Stress reduction– take time out to write out your “red flags” or triggers than create ongoing stress. Who or what are your energy robbers? Run functional lab tests with a FDN Health Practitioner to identify hidden internal sources of chronic stress. Hormones, immune, digestion, detoxification, energy and nervous systems need to be in balance.
  5. Movement & Mobility– get outside morning, afternoon and evening for walking, mobility, fresh air and vitamin D from the sunshine!
  6. Digestion & Gut Health– we often forget about how we eat, when we eat and why we eat …which impacts our digestive system and gut health as well as our immune system since 70-80% of our immune system is in our mucosal barrier (SIgA). If you want to strengthen your “troops and weapons” then we need to improve digestion, gut health and microbiome by eating the right gut healing foods (as bone broth, prebiotic and probiotic rich foods) plus gut healing supplementation. Again, I prefer to test and not guess to figure out your specific supplement and healing protocol!
  7. Hydration– we often forget to drink clean, filtered water and even add sea salt for electrolyte minerals to help stay hydrated. We recommend consuming 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water per day plus another 12 oz or so for every caffinated beverage as coffee, tea and alcohol.
  8. Happiness is one of my favorite areas to focus on with clients. STRESS impacts everything and every body system – so what can you do to manage your stress? Find happiness in daily life! Wake up and start your day off right with a positive attitude and create positive energy. Start your day with yoga and a walk outside (or run or bike or hike!). I love to write what I am grateful for at night time – as well as set my intentions for the next day. Also, I challenge my clients to find reasons to laugh and smile each day by surrounding yourself with family and friends who you make you happy!
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Reclaim your body, mind and spirit 

As a result of my health journey and watching so many others struggle with weight (fat) loss and low energy, the last  few years I set out on a new career path that feels very right, clear, and inspiring – it’s the purpose in life I’m meant to fulfill and I didn’t even realize it was until I was faced with my own health issues and recently started to feel better, and now I want to help you live your healthiest and best life too!

You probably have read all about my personal health journey in my book “LIFE IS NOT A RACE” but you can also read my recent blog posts here.

During the past few months of our “stay at home, stay safe and stay healthy” state rule, I have found myself even more passionate about helping others truly be healthy and happy in life.  The eight elements of “The WHOLESTIC Method” that I created over five years ago, has now come to life and is a prime example on what “being healthy” is all about!  Eating real food, healthy lifestyle habits (as getting outside!) and reducing sources of chronic stress (external and hidden internal sources). 

In December, I became a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioner (aka advanced health “detective” coach) so that I could get to the bottom of my own health issues, and in turn to help busy, health-minded people like you get your hands on the right functional lab tests and resources needed to find the missing pieces of your health puzzle so you can finally fix what’s wrong and get back to feeling like your vibrant self once again as well as myself!   You can read more about my “WHY” in my recent blog post here.

I struggled for years trying to get answers and solutions to get my own body, fitness, and vibrant self back again.  In my own personal health journey, and working with hundreds of clients over the years, I have found a method for helping others put their missing pieces of the puzzle together to feel better, look better and perform better in life (and sports!).  

By combing over two decades of personal training experience, Holistic Lifestyle Coaching, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner training, Kion (mind-body-spirit) lifestyle coaching, Metabolic Efficiency coaching and now training in Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Coaching- as an advanced health coach I create personalized health-rebuilding programs for people that are realistic and sustainable for long-lasting results, and provide you with the tools to get your body and vibrant self back again. 

I want to help others improve their ability to BURN fat, OPTIMIZE health from the inside and enhance the aging process!  My other purpose and mission are to help coach other top-performing athletes avoid becoming broken and burned out as I myself since 2013! 

If you’re ready to look “under the hood” to see with WHOLE picture of your health, instead of working on one thing at a time (as the body works as an orchestra), to be a health optimizer, and to stop blaming “getting older” as the answer to your lack of vitality.  You don’t need to settle for this new “normal”- instead, you can choose to take care of the WHOLE you and be empowered with the elements of “The WHOLESTIC Method” coaching program.   Click here to schedule a complimentary discovery call with me as a gratitude gift! 

Whether you take advantage of my gift or not, I also want to help you reach your health goals by sending you a bi-monthly newsletter with snippets of cutting-edge health information that you can easily apply in your life and/or share with others.  My goal in my newsletter is to offer new healthy recipes, practical ways to improve fat burning, fitness training ideas, tips for healing the body and much more!

If you don’t want to receive this info, feel free to unsubscribe at the bottom of this newsletter email when it arrives!  I won’t be offended if you decide to unsubscribe, I completely understand if you don’t want another email in your inbox! 

I’ll also be sharing valuable health tips, tools, and resources on social media, so be sure to follow me on “The Low Carb Athlete” page on Facebook and Instagram.

Also, I would be super grateful if you helped me spread the wealth of health knowledge by sharing my emails or social media posts with others. As a token of my appreciation I will also give you ONE FREE COACHING SESSION for every person you refer to me who enrolls in one of my health building, fat loss or transformation coaching programs.

Before I end this email, I wanted to leave you with a little something to get my new stream of resources for you going.  Check my website page here one of free educational E-Books that I have put together over the past few years including two new ones coming out next month… “Immune System 101” and “Training the Low Carb Athlete for Improved Performance”.

I would love to hear your thoughts about upcoming programs as the” Summer 5-day Jumpstart Challenge” and the fall/winter “Carlsbad Half or Full Marathon Training Program” (and race weekend get-away).  Let me know if you need any other resources you might be interested in to help you achieve your ideal health and weight. Hit reply to let me know!  Make sure you check out my website for ideas including my new “Get Healthy Store” here

I look forward to supporting you in living your healthiest and best life.  Let’s help the world become a HEALTH OPTIMIZER!  As you may have heard, Neal and I are moving to Escondido, California on June 19th to start a new adventure as we are both working remote and the time was right to make a major change in our lives.  I will continue coaching clients to look better, feel better and perform better but online via ZOOM video conference calls or in person if you want to visit for a “Wellness Weekend” get-away! 

Be sure to keep connected and see where we find a new house -as we will be renting for a few months until we find the right area and perfect home! 

In health,

Sending big hugs,

Debbie Potts

Health Coach, Author, Speaker & Podcaster

Host of ‘The Low Carb Athlete’ Health Building Podcast

Creator of ‘The WHOLESTIC Method’ Coaching Program



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