Thank you for the 5day Jump Start program. It was extremely eye opening for me. I was convinced that at my age (over 50) it was IMPOSSIBLE to lose weight. Not true!! I lost eight pounds during the course of this program. I also discovered how my glass of wine at night was causing me to retain water and bingeeat at night. I feel so much better with my new nighttime routine introduced to me through this program (bath, bed, bookelectronic free).I also discovered that I don’t have to start the day with breakfastin fact, I felt better eating late morning and starting my day off with a nutrient rich smoothie.Eating a late afternoon dinner, instead of a latenight dinner (where I really was forcing myself to eat)feels right and has really proven the keto successful weight loss. I look forward to continuing this lifestyle. Thanks so much for providing this easy to understand and follow program


The WM 5day jumpstart challenge was just what we needed to shed holiday bloat, feel better, and most importantly to kickstart us into healthier eating habits!


After years of regular exercise and thinking I was eating right, I was increasingly frustrated with the lack of results and weight gain; something needed to change. Fitness Forward’s Sugar Detox and Debbie’scoaching was just what I needed. Focused on both nutrition and exercise, the program guided me through the benefits of eating the right foods. Very quickly, long-standing cravings for sugar and carbs were replaced with the need to eat healthy foods. A new, ever-changing exercise program, focused on intensity and core strength, has reinvigorated my workouts. Both instudio and on my own, the new routine made fitness fun again. The Fitness Forward studio is very inclusive and welcoming to new members. In 3 months, I have lost 29 lbs., gained strength and endurance, and feel much better.Thank you, Debbie, for your guidance and encouragement


I finally decided it was time…time to finally devote the time, energy and money to get help and get healthy.I researched a few programs and was about to sign up for one when Debbie Potts asked me to look at the ingredients in the food I would be eating on the program. I didn’t recognize half of the ingredients. Debbie told me that I wouldn’t change my bad eating habits by eating processed food.She was right. I enrolled in the 21Day Sugar Detox program and have finally learned how to eat healthily. The key is knowledge. Debbie taught me how to read labels, the importance of eating fresh, organic and hormone free foods and how to avoid foods high in sugar.I now know how to eat! She also has me on a workout and sleep schedule that has increased my energy. It has taken me 20 years to finally get to this point. I am grateful Debbie is helping me on my road to a healthy life.



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