Get started on Your Healing and Rebuilding Transformational Journey!

Transform the WHOLE you from the inside out with the FDN Health Detective Coaching Program with Coach Debbie Potts.

Let’s start collecting data and put the missing pieces of the puzzle together to solve your mystery of your unexplained symptoms…or you just want to optimize your health and performance in LIFE to improve the aging process. Let’s work together to investigate the WHOLE you with the FDN investigative 3-step process and get your started on your transformational journey so you can soon feel energetic, grateful and inspired to thrive each day.

3-Month Jumpstart Program

  • Get started on your healing and rebuilding journey
  • Start working on your transformation program with D.R.E.S.S.
  • Identify your external and H.I.D.D.E.N. internal chronic stressors
  • Four 45-minute coaching sessions (2 first month then one per month)
  • Six 15-minute coaching check-in sessions
  • One 80-minute Results & Recommendations Coaching session
  • Start with three functional lab tests to get started: additional fee
    • Stress hormones ($212)
    • Gut pathogens ($275)
    • Metabolic Assessment Profile ($155)
  • 90-Day “D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success” Protocol
  • Learn about your individualized recommendations to optimize the WHOLE you from the inside out to improve performance and longevity
  • Nutritional Therapy Assessment
  • DNAFit Report Assessment
  • Work together to identify your
    • Your main health concerns
    • Your sources of dysfunction and imbalances
    • Your main healing opportunities
  • Coaching sessions to learn the tools how to rebuild the WHOLE you to reach your goals and solve your concerns
  • Personalized recommendations for nutrition (including digestion and gut health), sleep, exercise, stress reduction, and ideal supplementation to provide the support your cells are missing that are necessary to optimize health from a cellular level.
  • Guide the WHOLE you to ideal performance and longevity

Get a Jumpstart on Transforming the WHOLE you from the inside out:

The WHOLE You Coaching Packages

3-month program: session rates include prep work, video conference call and follow up.

  • 6 x 45-minute coaching video conference call  ($400 value per session) 
  • 1 x 80-minute R & R session = over $900 value (once lab results are collected and assessment completed with 90-day “D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success” protocol)
  • 6 x 30-minute accountability check-in call ($200 value)

Value: $4500

3-Month Package Fee:

  • Monthly payments $797 per month
  • Plus the recommended above 3 to 5 labs plus suggested supplements

6-Month Repair, Reboot & Rebuild

Enhance your vitality or “joie de vivre”.
If you are struggling, as I used to have for years, with unexplained symptoms:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Brain fog and memory issues
  • Weight gain
  • Poor recovery
  • And the list continues
  • Are you feeling helpless and exhausted in searching for answers and positive outcomes from seeing multiple practitioners, specialists and doctors as I experienced for years?
  • Are you looking to getting an edge on your competition in life and boost your athletic performance gains with the ultimate biohacking custom coaching program?
  • Are you interesting in your longevity and tricks to improving your aging process …while enjoying living life to its fullest every day?
  • Are you ready to feel better? Move better? Look better on the inside and out…fit and healthy instead of tired, burned out and broken from the inside out.
  • Are you wanting to feel alive and thrive every day of your life?


Then stop losing time being stuck in the “Cycle of Trial and Error”!

Get serious about taking care of the WHOLE you from the inside out with The WHOLESTIC Method Health Detective intensive transformational journey.

Now get ready to take a ride …this is not a diet but rather a new SUSTAINABLE health and wellness journey. Your 90-day program customized for your needs, genetics, goals and areas of opportunities then re-assessed and adjusted as needed as we continue down the road to your healing and rebuilding journey… as you transform the WHOLE you from the inside out with “The WHOLESTIC Method” elements and Coach Debbie with you all the way until you feel back to your optimal self!

The six-month heal and rebuilding program includes the services included in the 3-month journey plus:

  • 12 online coaching sessions (30-45 minutes)
  • 2 Results & Recommendations Coaching session (80-minutes)
  • Mid-session email check-in
  • 90-Day “D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success” Protocol and re-assessment mid-session
  • Learn about your individualized recommendations to optimize the WHOLE you from the inside out to improve performance and longevity
  • Nutritional Therapy Assessment (plus reassessment mid-session)
  • DNAFit Report Assessment (upload your raw genetic data for reports)
  • Training Peaks Account (optional) to keep exercise, food, HRV and metrics
  • 5 main functional lab tests to collect a more intensive investigation: additional fee
    • Dutch Test- Stress hormones ($250)
    • GI Map & Gut pathogens ($359)
    • Metabolic Assessment Profile ($155)
    • MRT Food Sensitivity Panel ($335)
    • Intestinal Permeability Test “Leaky Gut” ($110)
    • Additional labs as needed for re-testing and re-assessment
    • Metabolic Typing Assessment

9-Month Deep Dive Total Transformational Journey: Coming soon

Coaching Services IncludedGet a jumpstart 3-Month on the WHOLE youRepair & Reboot the WHOLE you 6-MonthDive Deep Total Transformation Journey 9-Month
Hormone Panel Test
Metabolic Profile Test
Gut Health and Pathogen Test
Food Sensitivity Test
Metabolic Type Diet Analysis
Nutritional Therapy Assessment
DNAFit Genetic
Analysis of Nutrition & Exercise
80-minute Results & Recommendation Session123
45-minute coaching sessions 51014
15-minute accountability check-in call (2 sessions per month)6915
Mid-session email check-in
D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success Personalized Program
Updated every 90 days after retesting labs

Updated every 90 days after retesting labs
Training Peaks account to track exercise, food & more
Complimentary reassessment 30-minute
15% Discount on supplements
Optional a-la-carte lab tests
Total coaching fees plus lab fees and recommended lab fees$3500 value$7500 value$11,000 value
Your Package Full Payment Rate
Monthly Fee Payment option
Lab FeesAdditional Fee Prices vary on lab packagesPrices vary on lab packages

FDN Health Detective Labs

We run well-chosen Five Functional Labs to begin our investigation. We use the results to provide us with insights into your problems and into the areas that need improvement (rebalancing, rebooting and restoring) as well as using the data to reveal a pathway to reducing “METABOLIC CHAOS” and restore order internally so that your optimal health and vitality returns! 

Don’t you want to be FIT and HEALTHY on the inside and out?

  1. Stress and hormone profile
    • Assess H-P-A Axis Dysfunction Cortisol dysregulation
    • Circadian rhythm problems Cortisol/Catabolic Dominance Sex hormone imbalances
    • Vital reserve snapshot
    • Cortisol, DHEA Estrogens, Progesterone Testosterone Melatonin
    • Provides snapshot of overall vital reserve, guides/directs therapy, points to areas for deeper investigation,baseline to monitor changes
    • Documents Metabolic Chaos®
  2. Metabolic Assessment Profile
    • Documents Metabolic Chaos®
    • Assess Gut, Toxicity, Liver Maldigestion, dysbiosis
    • Oxidative stress, free radicals
    • Poor detoxification, enterohepatic circulation
    • Indican
    • Lipid Peroxides
    • Urinary Bile Acid Sulfates
    • Identifies multiple healing opportunities, areas that need improvement, and direct measurement of liver congestion
    • Results of and contributors to your Metabolic Chaos®
  3. Intestinal Permeability
    • Assess Mucosal Barrier Function Nutrient assimilation, penetration Immune system
    • Villi integrity Hyper-permeability Dysbiosis, Pathology
    • A healthy mucosal barrier protects the very sensitive inside of our bodies from the toxic outside world.
    • Documents Metabolic Chaos®
    • “Leaky Gut” test 

5. GI Pathogen Screening

      • Assess Pathology, Dysbiosis, Overgrowth, Infestation
      • Stool Culture, Microscopy, Tri-chrome Stain Stool Antigen testing
      • C. Diff Toxins, Occult Blood, H. pylori antigen
      • Identify pathogens, overgrowth & biofilms that prevent healing and contribute to Metabolic Chaos®

    6. Oral Intolerance Testing

      • Food sensitivity testing tells us much more about a person than which foods to avoid
      • Up to 170 reactive foods 
      • Avoid consuming for 3 months re-introduce one-at-a-time
      • Additional secrets to unraveling your unique case of Metabolic Chaos®

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