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After personal training clients for over 25 years, I am finding the need to continue following my purpose, passion and mission to help other individuals optimize their health and wellness with my “health detective” coaching services.  Personal training business is a struggling industry right now with our current state of affairs.  Basically, many of us personal trainers are out of business for in-person training unless we get creative in offering “new” services and programs online for “Virtual Training”.  I don’t see our “social distancing” changing for a few more weeks.

Sadly, I am out of business for training clients “live” as I am (as many other trainers) are not able to personal train my clients in person for at least another month (my prediction) so now is the time to be creative in creating “Virtual” coaching programs for personal training as well as my health building coaching services for individuals.

Fortunately, I closed my FITNESS FORWARD STUDIO business back at the end of September for many reasons- mainly the building was coming down but the financial stress of running a small business in downtown Bellevue was always too much for me.  Also, I found my true purpose and passion changed over the years- my mission became focused on becoming a certified health building coach by getting various certifications over the past ten years, but specifically getting certified as a functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP) in 2016 and recently a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDNP) this past December. 

How is your stress level right now?

My current focus starting in January 2020, is to build an online “health detective” coaching program for individuals, similar to myself, struggling with unexplained symptoms and stuck in the “Cycle of Trial and Error”.  My mission is to help other individuals repair, rebuild and restore their health and vitality – bring their body (from a cellular level) back to balance or homeostasis. 

You can read all about my history in my personal story (available on Amazon)- “LIFE IS NOT A RACE… IT IS A JOURNEY with THE WHOLESTIC METHOD” and my manual.  If you listen to my podcast, read my blog posts and have read my books- then you understand my purpose and my “WHY”! 

Here is “THE WHOLESTIC METHOD” 2020 business plan-

  1. Online virtual personal training 30-minute sessions for clients
  2. Health Detective Coaching Services:  90-day Jumpstart Transformation Program
  3. Health Optimizer Coaching:  functional lab tests and clinical correlation
  4. Group online “5-day Jumpstart Wellness” programs once a month
  5. Group online “The WHOLESTIC Method” 30-day transformation program once a quarter
  6. Online health summits to share my story on LIFE IS NOT A RACE and share how “CHRONIC STRESS impacts the WHOLE you from the inside out”
  7. Speaker at live events (when we are back to “normal”) for Chronic stress and Athletic Performance as well as Chronic Stress impacts fat burning, performance and longevity
  8. Podcast host and guest – THE LOW CARB ATHLETE

Learn more on and grab one of my free E-books to help optimize your health from the inside out. I am now working on a new eBook coming out this spring – Chronic Stress & Mitochondria Function.

Take care of the WHOLE you,

Elbow Hug,

Debbie Potts

Program descriptions

Get started on optimizing your health and restoring your vitality with Debbie’s 90-day plus health detective program.  Schedule a consultation interview before you sign up for this program.

What are your sources of external and HIDDEN internal stressors?
We need to start testing instead of guessing by running functional labs.

Start your investigation in identifying your external CHRONIC stressors and internal HIDDEN CHRONIC stressors that are contributing to your “METABOLIC CHAOS®” in Debbie’s Health Detective FDN coaching 3-step process. 

We collect data and clues to your unexplained systems and main health complaints by running well-chosen functional labs tests.  Next, we clinically correlate all of your unique clues and start to identify the missing pieces of the puzzle together to help restore your health and vitality as we bring your body back into optimal balance or homeostasis. 

We create an individualized “D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success®” protocol for you to repair, rebuild and restore the WHOLE you from the inside out and “The WHOLESTIC Method” lifestyle coaching program.

Individual Health Rebuilding Coaching

  • Debbie Potts Coaching 25-minutes Follow Up-Single session = $97.00
  • Health Detective Coaching 3-Month + = $2,091.00
  • Health Optimizer Package = $797.00
  • Nutritional Therapy Assessment Single session = $397.00
  • Autopay/Contract Health Detective 3-Month + Program $697.00 every 1 Month

Are you a “Health Optimizer”?

Are you curious what is under your hood?

How do you know if you are running your engines at optimal levels- or if you are creating excess stress to your “engine parts” ?

You don’t really know what is going on unless you incorporate well-chosen functional lab testing to look at the WHOLE you from the inside out. 

As a certified FDN Practitioner, “Health Detective” and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, I offer 3-month or longer individual health rebuilding coaching programs ($797 per month with 3-month minimum) which includes weekly coaching calls and lifestyle coaching using the elements of “The WHOLESTIC Method”.

  • Are you already working on your Diet, Rest, Exercise and Stressors (External)?
  • Do you think you are FIT and HEALTHY?
  • Are you concerned about improving the aging process and enjoying retirement without spending each week at the doctors office?
  • How do you know if your “engine” is running at optimal levels on the inside?
  • Do you wonder if you are damaging your mitochondria and speeding up the aging process with your hectic lifestyle and activity level?
  • Are you curious if you have hidden internal stressors that may be hindering your mitochondrial function, achieving peak performance gains and longevity?
  • You don’t know unless you test with well chosen functional lab tests plus a trained “The WHOLESTIC Method” Health Detective- FDN Practitioner, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Kion Coach- Debbie Potts

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