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Phase One: 5-day Detox & Reset

The 5-Day Jumpstart Challenge

Get a JUMPSTART on burning fat and getting off the blood sugar roller coaster with The WHOLESTIC Method 5-day challenge.  You will learn about the eight elements of The WHOLESTIC Method to become a fat burning machine, optimize health at a cellular level and improve performance for life.  Learn about intermittent fasting, metabolic efficiency, sleep hacks, reducing stressors, improving energy and longevity.

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The 5-Day Jumpstart Package includes:

    • Five Day Jumpstart Manual
    • One hour seminar online ZOOM the first week of each month
    • Private or group daily messaging
    • Link to order Keto Feast and Keto Fire- Dr. Axe Nutritional Supplements
    • Five day meal plan and directions for intermittent fasting, liquid fasting days (2) and one meal a day
    • Daily tips, guidelines, homework and support training The WHOLE Athlete with our eight WHOLESTIC Method elements
    • Check out Bone Broth Protein, Collagen, Essential Oils and more from Ancient Nutrition
    • One hour WHOLESTIC METHOD coaching sessions 
    • Online private Facebook group page to share meal plans, workouts and questions
    • Online support available to you by team and coach for accountability, consistency and motivation
    • Learn about ketosis, fasting, bone broth, collagen, burning fat and transforming from the inside out!

Check out Bone Broth Protein, Collagen, Essential Oils and more!

No more excuses.  It is time to stop procrastinating. Make the time to transform The WHOLE You from the inside out!

Everyone can commit to a five day challenge with a coach, team and support network.

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We will kick off the 5-day challenge with Debbie’s “The WHOLESTIC Method” seminar to teach you about the program and give you the tools to get off the blood sugar roller coaster and become a fat burning machine.  You will learn how to Transform the WHOLE you from the inside out with the elements of The WHOLESTIC Method. 

Now get a JUMPSTART on taking care of the WHOLE you with the 5-day Challenge and hopefully you decide to continue for the 30-day Total Transformation Challenge to make an impact on your health from the inside out.  Contact Debbie to get started.



Get a jumpstart on low-carb high fat healthy eating habits.Become a fat burner and get off the blood sugar roller coaster.Learn how to workout efficiently and effectively in less time.Improved quality of sleep every night.Reduce Stress levels and identify red flags.Add movement into day with our 10,000 steps per day goal.MYZONE tracking MEP Points for workouts.


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    Now let’s get you started with our 5-Day Jumpstart Challenge!

    Get a jumpstart on your ability to burn fat, reduce chronic stress and feel energized with our unique WHOLESTIC Method program… and transform the WHOLE you from the inside out!

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    What is Detox ?

    The WHOLESTIC Method Transformation Program

    Our body has its own housekeeping system. It knows what to do, but just like any other living organism, it needs some rest, repair, reset and reviving regularly! So, here it is! 

    I wrote this eBook to help you detoxify and reclaim your metabolic efficiency. 30 days of following the elements of The WHOLESTIC Method will improve your digestive system, liver, adrenals and overall health. 

    Here are some benefits you can expect to learn from this eBook:

    • Weight loss
    • Boost your immune system
    • Improve the liver functions
    • Improve energy levels and vitality
    • Improve eating habits

    How Chronic Stress IMPACTS The Whole You!

    Jumpstart Your Path to Transformation from the Inside Out to become a chronic stress-resilient, fat burning machine by grabbing this FREE eBook!

    How Chronic Stress Impacts The Whole You eBook

    Grab your FREE Copy of Top fitness trainer and health coach Debbie Potts’
    a 62-page book that contains:

    • Stress and chronic stress, how they can affect you, and how you can build resiliency
    • The eight elements of The WHOLESTIC Method
    • Secrets to become a fat-burning, health-optimized athlete with improved performance
    • Training secrets from 25+ years of experience and education in the fitness industry
    • Multiple interviews from experts on The WHOLE Athlete Podcast she hosts.

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    The WHOLESTIC Method Approach?

    We train the WHOLE Athlete with our comprehensive program including exercise, Nutritional Therapy, Metabolic Efficiency, Detox programs, Digestion repair, Nutritional Supplements, Sweat therapy for detoxification and cellular health.

    Drop us a message if you're interested to learn how to improve the aging process, recovery, and repair.