The WHOLESTIC Method Program
Phase One: The 5-Day Jumpstart Challenge



Get Started with our 5-Day Jumpstart Challenge!

Get a jumpstart on your ability to burn fat, optimizing your health & enhancing your daily performance with Debbie’s unique ‘The WHOLESTIC Method’ program… and improve the WHOLE you from the inside out!

Take the option to get serious gains and continue after the 5-day Jumpstart Challenge with our unique 21-day WHOLESTIC Method Sugar Detox & Reset program designed just for you with coach Debbie Potts. The WHOLESTIC Method Detox Program also includes myofascial release yoga.

No more excuses.  It is time to stop procrastinating. Make the time to improve the WHOLE you from the inside out!

Everyone can commit to a five day challenge with a coach, team and support network.

Sign up for our next 5-Day Jumpstart program for only $97 or $197 (includes 5-30 min personal training sessions).

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Health History & Goal Setting

Pre-register for our next session as the challenge is limited to 20 clients.

We will kick off the 5-day challenge with Debbie’s“WHOLESTIC Method” seminar to improve the WHOLE you from the inside out.  Get a jumpstart on your fat loss, heatlh and performance gains. Take the option to get serious gains and continue after the 5-day Jumpstart Challenge with our unique 21-day WHOLESTIC Method Sugar Detox & Reset program designed just for you with coach Debbie Potts.

Debbie – I absolutely love the 5-DAY JUMPSTART – it was just what I needed to refresh my eating and what’s truly amazing is that unlike every other ‘detox’ or ‘diet’ – this actually works! Additionally I am focused on reducing/eliminating sugars, Furthermore am continuing to ADD healthy fats. This was the big Ah-Hah.

Furthermore It’s amazing how satisfied I am. I’ve shed a few pounds and feel amazing. Moreover This has literally changed my regular food choices through slight modifications and, furthermore it’s also been great for my kids who are also reducing sugar in their food choices. And – nice to be able to choose bacon guilt free 🙂

Thanks again Debbie.  I’m so glad I did the quick start program. Furthermore  I’ll continue to journal and list at least 3 things I’m grateful for each day.  Additionally I lost 2 lbs. as a result of the detox/reset, which is a plus since Additionally I really wanted the nutritional information.  As a rule I don’t eat processed or R&D foods. Moreover, my new challenge/goal is to find my optimal fat/protein/sugar ratio (real foods) using how I feel on runs and rides.


The 5-day sugar detox was exactly what I needed to give me a kick start to healthy eating and living.  Additionally 21-days seemed too overwhelming…but 5-days was ideal. Furthermore Debbie’s plan was simple and easy to follow. The helpful hints each day was a reminder to keep committed to the plan.  Moreover Her accountability plan kept me motivated.  Now that 5-days is behind me…I’m keeping it going.  The program makes sense and is something you can do for the rest of your life.

I was raised on the low fat mentality and this is getting my mindset shifted to eating real food not processed junk that our bodies can’t manage. Additionally my family is getting on the bandwagon, too.  Debbie is on a path to getting her clients to not only work out well, but eat well, too.  It has taken me a long, long time to take this step.  Debbie is patient and encouraging every step of the way. The CHEK Training, USAT Coaching, interval training and NASM Personal Training are effective.

The Jumpstart Package includes:

  • Five Day Jumpstart Manual (mini-version of our 21 day challenge!)
  • Private daily text messaging service to our challenge members if you text “BURNFAT” to 77094
  • Nutritional shake mix for the five days (includes greens, probiotics and omega-3 fatty acids)
  • Five day meal plan
  • 5-30 minute shared personal training sessions ($200 value)
  • Daily tips and guidelines for being a “WHOLESTIC” athlete additionally  with our eight WHOLESTIC Method elements
  • Moreover One hour WHOLESTIC METHOD coaching sessions ($120 value)
  • Online private Facebook group page to share meal plans, workouts and questions
  • Furthermore Online support available by team and coach
  • Bonus workout on the Sunday after our WHOLESTIC Method seminar/coach session


  • Get a jumpstart on low-carb high fat healthy eating habits
  • Learn how to workout efficiently and effectively in less time
  • Furthermore Improved quality of sleep
  • Reduce Stress
  • Add movement into day with our 10,000 steps per day goal
  • MYZONE tracking MEP Points for workouts – order your MYZONE heart rate monitor here to join the challenge

Are you tired of “dieting” and exercising more and not seeing results?

Then you need to try working on improving the WHOLE you from the inside out the get the results you have been searching for!

Additionally Debbie Potts created “The WHOLESTIC Method” based on her 25+ years of experience, education and research to help you burn fat, feel better and improve performance for life and sports.

Schedule Personal Training: Contact us to schedule your Monday-Friday 30-minute personal training appointments before the challenge begins.

Commit to get healthy and fit… look and feel amazing this summer!
Debbie Potts
Host of “The WHOLE Athlete” Podcast

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