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life is not a race…it is a JOURNEY

The WHOLESTIC Method Manual and Workbook


Transform the WHOLE you from the Inside Out

Top fitness trainer and health coach Debbie Potts has formulated the eight elements of The WHOLESTIC Method, based on 25 years plus of experience and education in the fitness industry, as well as multiple interviews from experts on The WHOLE Athlete Podcast she hosts.

The WHOLESTIC Method manual includes a chapter on each of the eight elements that Debbie has discovered to improve your ability to burn fat, optimize your health, and performance gains in life and sports.

In The WHOLESTIC Method workbook, Debbie helps guide you to find your “WHY” and create a personal roadmap toward improving the WHOLE you.

Learn how to get off the blood sugar roller coaster and become a fat burner for improved performance in life and sports. There is not a “one size fits all” approach when searching for solutions and The WHOLESTIC Method plan to help you get the results you have been searching for years. Start with the Phase One 5-Day Jumpstart Challenge and then progress to Phase Two 21-Day Sugar Detox & Reset Challenge.

Do you want to feel and look amazing from the inside out?

About the author

Debbie Potts

Debbie Potts has been in the fitness industry for over twenty-five years as a trainer, coach and competitive athlete for twenty years. Along her journey, she has accomplished many goals including being nominated as one of the “Top One Hundred Personal Trainers in the U.S”. by Men’s Journal in 2004 and 2005 as well as participating in fifteen Ironman Triathlons – five of them were the Hawaii World Ironman Championship. Plus, Debbie completed five 50k trail run events as well as over twenty marathons including the Boston Marathon numerous times with a PR of 3:12. Debbie was forced to stop racing at a high level in 2013 when her body said no more -as she was struck with “adrenal exhaustion” from METABOLIC CHAOS®.

Debbie has owned and operated her own fitness studio in Bellevue Washington for twelve years to offer an “all in one” health and fitness studio – including TRX circuit training, Yoga, Pilates, Triathlon and Run group plus The WHOLESTIC Method coaching programs and individualized Nutritional Therapy services to transform the WHOLE person from the inside out.

Debbie brings her experience as a trainer, coach, and athlete into her book Life is NOT a Race, where she shares the principles of her The WHOLESTIC Method program to help athletes be FIT and HEALTHY from the inside out with her new approach to improve fat loss, performance and longevity. 

Debbie has played various roles including fitness management, personal training, cycling instructor, yoga, Pilates Mat, Metabolic Efficiency Specialist, Natural Running coach, USAT coach, CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Superhuman Coach, KION Coach, DNAFit Coach, Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). She has implemented Heart Rate Training and Metabolic Efficiency testing into her coaching services for over twenty years.

Debbie is a speaker, blogger, podcast host (The Low Carb Athlete) and an author of “LIFE IS NOT A RACE” and “The WHOLESTIC Method Manual & Workbook”. Her passion is to help other fellow driven, competitive athletes, who are addicted to busy-ness, navigate the crazy life schedule to reduce sources of chronic stress (internal and external) and start training for their FUTURE self.

Debbie helps other driven, ambitious, high charging individuals, who are struggling to get results even when doing all the “right” things, get their body and vibrant self-back again by investigation what is actually going on under the hood and put the missing pieces of their health puzzle together again to create a personalized “The WHOLESTIC Method” program. She is on a mission to help other athletes avoid chronic fatigue, break down and burn out. Debbie coaches the WHOLE athlete from the inside out with her unique “The WHOLESTIC Method” and investigative approach by implementing nutritional therapy, functional lab testing, lifestyle habits, biometrics, and genetics. Debbie follows her purpose, passion and mission to help others avoid going through what happened to her in

Life is Not a Race… It is a Journey

Voted one of the Top One Hundred Personal Trainers in the U.S. by Men’s Journal, trainer, health coach, and triathlete Debbie Potts shares her personal journey of racing all day from the morning the alarm goes off until she hits the pillow at night.

She shares her personal experience with what is known as “HPA Dysfunction” or rather “chronic stress disease” in order to help readers avoid the glorification of being busy and learn how to re-calibrate to restore optimal health from the inside out.

Our non-stop lifestyles and over-connected society expectations will are living each day create a different type of chronic stress that could lead to burnout and breakdown of the body in more ways than one if you follow the wrong road!

Life is a journey…not a race. Enjoy being present in life each day. Too much of anything leads to toxicity…too little of anything leads to deficiencies.

Throughout LIFE IS NOT A RACE… you’ll discover the need to eliminate the belief that more is better in every aspect of your life, or else you will pay the consequences on your body.

Learn what Debbie discovered through her own health challenges and how she transformed her life from the inside out and created The WHOLESTIC Method from her experience, as well as observations how our society encourages the glorification of being busy rather than living life as a journey… and being fully present to enjoy it!

Stop being too busy and be fully present in your life to enjoy it!

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