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The WHOLESTIC Method Integrated Approach

The Assessment Package

Get Started with a review of what you are doing now and what you can improve the WHOLE you to reach your goals!
Coach Debbie investigates what you are doing now with an Nutritional Therapy Assessment, 3-Day Food, Exercise & Mood Analysis, and a functional medicine blood chemistry analysis to understand how to improve your body composition, performance goals and metabolic health markers.

The Accountability Package

The Next Level Coaching Program to MOVE, LOOK & PERFORM your best in LIFE today - plus for your FUTURE self! Once you complete the Assessment or one of the PNOE Metabolism Test packages then you have an opportunity to work with Coach Debbie with weekly accountability check in on Practice Better Journals or Training Peaks. We track your progress, set goals, and receive suggestions to improve body composition, performance, and the aging process.

The High Performer Package

This package is for ambitious individuals who want to look, feel, and perform their best as they age. If you are struggling to get results, even when doing all the "right" things to improve your body, health and performance markers, then let's investigate what is actually going on "under the hood' with functional lab tests investigation and correlations. We collect clues of your external and hidden internal sources of chronic stressors with functional lab tests while we work on your priorities as nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle habits. This package includes weekly check-ins and monthly coaching sessions using Practice Better and Training Peaks. Save 50% on one of the PNOE Metabolism Testing packages in person every 2 months with this subscription.

The Ultimate Wellness Mastery

A personalized coaching program for those looking to take their health, wellness, and performance to the next level. Coach Debbie creates personalized workout plans, suggestions on meal planning and weekly goal setting. We take a deep dive into collecting clues to put the pieces of your optimal health puzzle together. Debbie runs a full investigation into your external and hidden internal chronic stressors through functional lab tests, Metabolic Typing, DNA Company Reports genetics, and biometrics. We work together to prioritize your areas of opportunity in nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, and metrics (HRV). This six-month VIP Comprehensive program includes unlimited check-ins, coaching sessions, and adjustments based on your needs and goals using Practice Better, Cronometer and Training Peaks. This package includes PNOE Metabolism testing and assessment every two months for in person testing session.

The Metabolic Assessment Packages: Solana Beach

Coach Debbie Potts


Transform the WHOLE you from the inside out.  Are you  motivated to take ownership of your metabolic health and aging process?  

Coach Debbie believes in testing and not guessing what you need to do as an unique individual to create your FUTURE self by starting now by re-creating your current self!  

Let’s investigate what is actually going on “under the hood” by running functional lab tests, PNOE metabolic analysis and Nutritional Therapy Assessments to assess your metabolic health and well-being then create a personalized protocol based on your needs, goals, lifestyle and personality… even if you are fit and active today.  

Are you doing all the “right” things to be fit and healthy today …and when you are 80, 90, 100 plus years old?


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