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The WHOLESTIC Method Coaching Program

The Next Level Coaching Program to MOVE, LOOK & PERFORM your best in LIFE today - plus for your FUTURE self!

The WHOLESTIC Method New Client Special

Get Started with a review of what you are doing now and what we can improve to optimize the WHOLE you!

The VIP Comprehensive Program

We investigate what is actually going on inside and out by collecting clues by running functional labs, nutritional therapy assessment, “METABOLIC CHAOS” assessment, Metabolic Typing, DNAFit genetics, and more.

In our investigation, we are able to help identify your sources of external and internal CHRONIC stressors that are impacting your ability to BURN FAT, OPTIMIZE HEALTH and IMPROVE PERFORMANCE.

We take all these clues and correlate the data together to put your missing pieces of the puzzle back together so you can look, feel and perform your best in life.  We track our nutrition, lifestyle metrics, and exercise on PRACTICE BETTER as well as TRAINING PEAKS to help keep you accountable and reaching your weekly goals.  Debbie is with you all the way to help keep you on track and course correct when needed.  

Do you want to be FIT and HEALTHY from the inside out to optimize your fat loss, health and performance in life?

Let’s test and assess instead of guessing if you are healthy- then create a plan to get you on your new transformational journey.


The Fit & Healthy Athlete Investigation Package

Are you like me- an ambitious, driven, high performer who is on a mission to look, feel and perform their best in life as we age?
Do you struggle to get the results you are looking for even though you are doing all the “right” things that you read and hear about?
We are all unique individuals with different stressors – inside and out.  The struggle is real but you may just need a personalized coaching program designed for YOU.
Let’s investigate what is actually going on by training the WHOLE you from the inside out.  We will run a full investigation and collect clues of your sources of external and HIDDEN internal sources of CHRONIC stress.
We will put the missing pieces of your health puzzle together so you can repair, rebuild, and restore your health (and vitality!) back to your optimal levels.
We can work together to help you train, fuel and perform your best as a fat adapted athlete while improving your metabolic flexibility and metabolic efficiency! 
This health investigation package includes 6-45 minute coaching sessions, 2–45 minute results with recommendations sessions that is scheduled as needed to help you reach your goals.  The package is for four months with weekly accountability check in Practice Better Journals and Training Peaks log.  
Don’t wait until the “right” time to start your new health optimizer journey.  Life is busy.  We work together to your life schedule to figure out what is the optimal plan for your needs, goals and personality. 
Get the NEXT LEVEL coaching with my VIP “concierge” type of comprehensive coaching package if you want more.

Coach Debbie Potts

The WHOLESTIC Method Approach

Training the WHOLE you from the inside out.

Are you confused how to train, what to eat, when to eat, how to get stronger and faster?  Are you motivated to get results to feel, look and perform your best?  Are you interested in learning how to fuel, train and perform for upcoming events as well as your future self?   Set up a call with Coach Debbie to determine which coaching program is the best fit for your needs, goals, and personality.  Payment plans are available if you are motivated to transform the WHOLE you from the inside out.  Only you can make the changes- Coach Debbie is here to help personalized the process and offer guidance.   Take ownership today if you are motivated and ready to take charge of your journey.

Coach Debbie Potts on how Chronic Stress Impacts the WHOLE you!

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You are a unique individual so why follow a “one size fits all” program? Your fat loss, health building and performance training should be designed specifically for you!

Debbie shared her own personal story and struggles in her book LIFE IS NOT A RACE” so she could help other individuals similar to herself to avoid going through what she experienced. You don’t need to settle for this unexplained weight gain, fatigue and METABOLIC CHAOS as your new “normal” -or blame the aging process. 

Coach Debbie works with driven, ambitious high performers get the desired results by looking “under the hood” to collect the missing pieces of your unique health puzzle.  The WHOLESTIC Method approach.

Learn how you can get your body back and feel as your vibrant self again – with the right tools and personalized coaching program.

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Train the WHOLE You with the WHOLESTIC METHOD!

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