The Low Carb Athlete Podcast Learn how to BURN FAT, Optimize HEALTH and improve PERFORMANCE with “The WHOLESTIC Method” coaching program. Debbie Potts interviews guests to discuss tricks and tips to transform the WHOLE you from the inside out to improve performance and longevity!   Dr. Gabrielle Lyon practices something called “Muscle-centric Medicine”, putting the organ system of the muscle in the center of it all. Muscle is the largest endocrine organ in the body. It is arguably the most important system as it relates to combating our current health crisis as well as regaining and creating exceptional health and performance. It provides not only our physical architecture and locomotion but our physiological (functional) infrastructure as well.   Muscle health needs to be approached through nutrition, lifestyle, and of course, exercise. Muscle-centric medicine focus on this organ of longevity. When addressing the topic of nutrition, Dr. Gabrielle Lyon is looking to activate what’s called “muscle protein synthesis” by having patients consume the proper amount of protein throughout the day at each meal. At a bare minimum, research has shown that at least 30g of protein, 3 times a day will stimulate the muscle for protein synthesis. This leads to muscle growth, which will ultimately lead to a healthier balance of muscle to fat giving the ideal body composition ratios. To only address obesity as a “too much fat” problem and not look at the “too little muscle” problem, is a pitfall and missed opportunity.   You can lose fat, not address the muscle and still not see the balance you want in your body. This isn’t just talking about looks and aesthetics either, that just comes with it… this truly will address the other imbalances within the body such as hormone, blood sugar and other issues that can create havoc and cause disease within the body. Without looking at lifestyle, emotion and attitude… it becomes very difficult to break through the nutrition and exercise pieces.   Dr. Gabrielle Lyon provides education, coaching, and support for her patients to keep them true to their goals. A common reminder she will ask is, “Why are you doing this, what is your WHY?”. Because if we can stay true to our integrity, to what we want out of our life, the rest will fall into place more easily than if we are resisting or unsure of why we are doing this. A holistic shift towards that “WHY” vs. aimlessly hoping you’re going in the right direction puts purpose behind action and sets Gabrielle’s patients up for success. Emotional stress management, breathing, etc. – are all important parts of the process that need to be addressed and uncovered.   Watch our video interview here   The WHOLESTIC Method: Manual & Workbook: Transform the WHOLE you from the Inside Out Life is Not a Race…It is a Journey: Learn how to pace the WHOLE you with The WHOLESTIC Method WEB:… ITUNES:…   Debbie Potts Health Coach, Author, Speaker & Podcaster Host of The Low Carb Athlete Podcast The WHOLESTIC Method Coaching Program FNTP, FDN-P, NASM CPT, CHEK HLC, Kion Coach BURN FAT. OPTIMIZE HEALTH. IMPROVE PERFORMANCE.      

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