Today we talk to the co-founder of The Vitamin Club, Andy Schreiber.

Many athletes are overtraining and under recoverying -as well as training dehydrated and deficient in key minerals.

What do you do about it?

Eat real food and supplement your diet where needed as with key essential vitamins and minerals.

Pure Vitamin Club Ultra Salt Electrolyte Complex is a unique formulation of the purest, most absorbable, bio-available forms of sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium, along with over 60 beneficial trace minerals. Maintaining a proper balance of electrolytes is key in helping minimize heat stress, muscle cramping, and fluid loss due to heavy perspiration, such as occurs during endurance athletics, or other intense activity in hot conditions.


Simply put, Magnesium is one of the most important nutrients for maintaining optimal health. It is a co-factor in over 350 enzymatic reactions in the body, and is necessary for the transmission of nerve impulses, muscular activity, heart function, temperature regulation, formation of healthy bones, and improving insulin sensitivity. Magnesium is often called the “relaxation mineral,” as it helps virtually all muscles in the body to relax.

  1. The Vitamin Club salt capsules- link here to learn more or order
    1. Your body needs electrolytes to maintain your hydration level, not sugar and food coloring. When you sweat, you lose not only water, but salt and other minerals your body needs to function well. That’s why water alone is not enough for sustained exercise resulting in significant perspiration. The main component of sweat is salt, but not all salt is created equal. The same is true for other mineral supplements, each of which comes in many forms. Pure Vitamin Club’s Ultra Salt Electrolyte Complex is designed to provide the optimal forms of the six main electrolytes (Sodium, Chloride, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, and Manganese), in the best balance for maintaining adequate hydration and peak athletic performance.
    2. Pure Vitamin Club’s Ultra Salt Electrolyte Complex features Redmond Real Salt®, the only natural, unrefined, unprocessed, unbleached, ancient pink sea salt mined in the USA. This unique, ethically mined salt also contains over 60 trace minerals, the composition of which closely mirrors that of human blood.
    3. Pure Vitamin Club’s Ultra Salt Electrolyte Complex comes in bottles of 90 capsules, each containing
  • 223 mg of Sodium
  • 352 mg of Chloride
  • 80 mg of Potassium
  • 50 mg of Calcium
  • 30 mg of Magnesium
  • 500 mcg of Manganese
  • as well as over 60 trace minerals.
  • There are absolutely no fillers, flow agents, colorants, or any other kind of added ingredient at all – just the best Electrolyte formulation available anywhere.


  • Vitamin D, also sometimes known as “the sunshine vitamin,” is absolutely essential for good health, and yet up to 42% of the adult population in the U.S. has low Vitamin D levels.
  • Of the two types (D2 and D3), D3 is the more powerful and effective at raising blood levels of Vitamin D.
  • While Vitamin D is essential for regulating your body’s absorption of calcium. But without Vitamin K, that calcium can go where it shouldn’t, like to your organs and arteries.
  • That’s why we made sure to balance our Vitamin D3 with a full Vitamin K complex.
  • Most Vitamin D formulas that include Vitamin K give you only K2. We think that isn’t good enough.
  • To get the maximum benefit from Vitamin K, you should really have both K1 and K2. Moreover, K2 comes in two separate forms – MK4 and MK 7. Only Pure Vitamin Club gives you the full complex of Vitamin K with our Vitamin D3. We took that one step further by using MenaQ7®, the only clinically validated, patented Vitamin K2 as MK-7 available on the market today.

Learn more about how to join The Vitamin Club here and take care of the WHOLE you from the inside out for improved performance and longevity!

As athletes, we ask a lof of our body – so make sure you give back to it with proper nutrition and supplements as needed to help improve recovery and repair! 

Do you want to get your body and vibrant self back?  Do you struggle with chronic fatigue, burnout and breakdown?

The struggle is real and you are not alone.

Debbie helps driven and ambitious people, who are trying to do all the “right” things, investigate what is actually going on “under the hood” to get their body and vibrant self back.   


Perhaps you have seen multiple doctors and experts, but they tell you everything is “normal” and there is nothing wrong with you.  That was my experience.  I refused to believe that “nothing is wrong with me” and this is part of “getting older”.  This was not going to be the new me and stop me from investigating what was really going on from the inside out – under the hood.


You have a choice to take care of the WHOLE you and even transform the WHOLE you from the inside out.  Please don’t give up and settle, as the struggle is real, and you are not alone.  If you feel exhausted trying to do all the “right” things and still can’t feel, move, or look better then we need to take a different approach. 


Remember- the definition of Insanity is …


“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”


If you are stuck in the “cycle of trial and error” then it is time to take a different approach and look at the WHOLE person with “The WHOLESTIC Method” investigation coaching program if you want to REPAIR-REBUILD-RESTORE the WHOLE you to be a fat burner, health optimizer and reach peak athletic performance gains.


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