Episode 432; Finding your WHY as an athlete With Brock Armstrong

In this episode, I am always smiling and happy when I talk to my longtime podcast and coach friend Brock Armstrong.  Brock and I first connected ten years ago in the Superhuman Coach program with Ben Greenfield.  Fast forward ten years later, we both continue to grow, transform and evolve into better versions of ourselves.

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Finding your WHY as an athlete and enhancing your health and performance even as you age is vital. Aging comes with different changes, and it’s okay to shift your goal and focus in life to find what works for you. However, for most of us, age is a number with a lot of baggage, most notably, the excuse to let yourself off the hook and put off improving your life. Some things become less important along the way but give yourself permission to shift and stop using age as an excuse for things that you can control. This is the only way to achieve true change and live for your future self. The choices you make today will either help you transform into the best version of yourself tomorrow or vice versa.

Join the conversation with Brock Armstrong as he shares how you can find your whys and strategize your choices to align with your vision for your life. Brock is a podcaster, writer, movement coach (Armstrong Coaching), weight loss coach (Weighless Life), and CBT Practitioner. His mission is to educate and help people figure out where things are falling apart and fix their nutrition and fitness to improve health and performance.


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During this episode, you will learn about;

[00:24] About KetoCon Austin 2022 conference. Registration code LOWCARBATHLETE 

[04:43] What Brock is doing currently and his why’s in life

[06:01] The unexplored areas in fitness and wellness Cognitive behaviors

[18:14] Brock’s podcasts Change Academy and Second Wind Fitness Podcast 

[09:34] Brock’s focus in the second century of his life  

[14:08] Genetic disposition in power endurance and endurance response

[15:55] What has changed for Brock’s fitness strategies and coaching practices

[22:50] Listening to your body and switching to cognitive behaviors that align with your body

[29:06] Learning from the science but focusing on yourself as an experiments

[35:31] Ways to figure out your whys and find out what works for you

[41:21] Breaking the hard-line and conditioning to open up to enjoyable eating  

[47:43] Making choices that align and votes for the best version of future self

[51:36] Taking your time to make it easy, enjoyable, and part of your life

[53:10] The second Wind Podcast and why Brock named it that way 

[54:50] Three things you can try for the new year to optimize your health and longevity

Notable Quotes  

  • “No matter what the science says no one can tell you what your biology is doing with your particular habits and stressors.”
  • “Our bodies adjust to the things we do more often.”
  • “Our life is a stream of choices, and every choice you make is a vote for the person you want to become.”
  • “Achieving true change is learning to tolerate momentary discomfort in exchange for long-term satisfaction.”
  • “Slow down, we’re all going to reach the finishing line at some point, don’t rush things that shouldn’t be rushed.”


Resources Mentioned 


  1. Weighless Life
  2. 30 Days Future Self 

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