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Episode #516 Daniel Crumback on Testing your VO2 Max

Today I asked Daniel Crumback of Strategic Health Performance to help clear up some confusion on how to improve longevity as with VO2Max testing, Zone 2 LSD and Zone 5 interval training. Topics we discuss include…and much more to dive into! What health and fitness markers impact our aging process- longevity? What is longevity? How do we measure longevity? Metabolic health markers? How can we learn what WE need personally to improve our aging process? Which lab tests and fitness tests can help predict our longevity or aging VO2 Max- why we need to test it to figure out personalized program to improve longevity (time in zones) What if you are afraid of testing VO2 Max – going to max if non-exerciser? Tips? What are other factors that impact our longevity?

Find Daniel at Strategic Health and Performance which is an expert consultancy service specializing in identifying and eliminating physiological and physical limitations. “I work with medical and health professionals, technical and performance coaches, as well as individuals to improve health, function, and performance in all populations from those with medical conditions (e.g., metabolic syndrome, diabetes, obesity, or respiratory conditions) to the elite and professional athlete. Let me help you achieve better health, function and performance effectively and efficiently.”

What is longevity to you? 

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