Fit Fat FastIn this episode, we offer you Chi Running Master Trainer Laura Houston. Debbie and Laura talk about: Laura’s background and finding her way to Chi Running. How Danny Dreyer developed Chi Running. Tai Chi – mind body connection; Making the connection. Feeling and learning the language of the body.

How to engage the core while running. Stability and running…zip up your tight jeans! Understanding posture and alignment and how this contributes to running pain free. Landing under center of gravity and picking up your feet…no shuffling – the ‘tri pod’ connection. Incorporating all this to find your magic “AH-HA” moment. Building in breathing and movement. Body and Mind alignment check. Dealing with injuries and corrections. What are your issues? Which shoes do you wear? Blending trail running with the concepts of Chi Running.  Check this out: ‘Anatomy for Runners’ by Jay Dicharry And, welcome to Tom Barbieri as our new co-host. More on Tom soon, but for now check out his personal blog.

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