Fit Fat FastDebbie once again talks to the Sock Doc (aka Dr. Steve Gangemi) about why you get cramps, motor neurons, dehydration and tons more (see below)! The Sock Doc’s mission is to educate athletes about the benefits of natural injury treatment and prevention. As we know, most conventional therapies such as medication, wearing orthotics, and stretching, do not address the underlying causes of injury.

Why do you get muscle cramps? Sensory and motor neurons Sugar imbalance and glycogen depletion Dehydration or sodium imbalance Charlie horse cramps, vitamin d, calcium and essential fats My Fitness Pal, weight loss and calorie counting Count calories or carbs? What and why should I do Intermittent fasting or not? Why do Ketosis? Efficiency, aerobic and anaerobic training Too much insulin and insulin sensitivity Does sweating during exercise decrease as you get in shape? What is normal amount of sweating? Lower aldosterone levels – adrenal function What is excessive sodium loss? Body odor … Toxins? Low adrenal glands, electrolyte issues or liver detoxity What shoes should we wear or not wear?

Look for blog post – healthy people are bare feet people Look for Steve in London -September 16th By the way, this may be Brock’s last show with Fit Fat Fast but you can keep up with him at, and/or friend him at

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