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Coach Debbie shares a new research on fat oxidation rates for low carb endurance athletes in an article shared by Leighton Phillips from SFuels and more blogs from Dr. Dan Plews of EndureIQ program.

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2023 Research Paper – Findings In a new paper (Feb, 2023), a group of highly reputable sports-science researchers, challenged the former premise, that athletic performance was superior via a high-carbohydrate diet and fueling regime.   What was most striking at first glance of the paper, was that the question of ‘endurance performance’ was tested at a very high intensity (@~85% vo2Max), shorter duration tests including 1mile, and 6 by 800m interval repeats.   Traditional thought would consider such intensity-duration testing, as ‘anaerobic’ and by nature more dependent on carbohydrate oxidation, and less-so fat oxidation.  But in a rigorous highly controlled testing protocol, and elegant research design, the team produced a set of findings that will certainly challenge traditional thinking.

Bottom-line: ensure you pay attention to the guidance (above 3 points in blue) for an effective low-carb high-fat diet transition period – in realizing the intended metabolic shift, and performance outcomes of a low-carb lifestyle.

In this study, a 2018 paper on cross-country skiers and our own lab observations of low-carb high-fat athletes, we are seeing more consistent references to high-fat oxidation rates (>1.5gr/min) at high intensities >80% Vo2Max.  This is supportive of the suggestion, that such metabolic efficiency,  could possibly provide a glycogen-sparing effect when fat can be utilized predominately for fuel at these intensities. It is an important note, that aside from the athletic performance outcomes, a number of health markers were also tested, and reference was made to the complications (pre-diabetes) that were associated with high-carb diet athletes.   I guess from a balanced perspective, you would like to see more subjects in such a study, and also would like to have the study repeated for women.  Nevertheless, the paper highlighted that prior studies that had less attention to study design controls (diet, fueling and training-load factors) drove different and non-repeatable findings. 

Study summarized 4 notable findings:  1) High-Carb athletes had no superior (high-intensity) performance over LCHF (low-carb high-fat) athletes,  2) Even at intensities at >85% Vo2Max, LCHF athletes were oxidizing fat at rates of 1.58gr/min (+/- 0.33gr/min). 3) LCHF athletes had higher HDL, LDL, and total cholesterol,  4) LCHF athletes, had reduced mean-median blood glucose levels.  Conversely, 30% of the High-Carb athletes, had mean-median blood-glucose levels consistent with pre-diabetes.  SFuels: Perspective on the Research It’s great to see such a well-controlled set of factors (diet, training load, body composition, etc.) and high-intensity testing protocol, where the core, pre-dominant factor of difference was diet and fuelling.  To help you with this, download and read our –  1) SFuels LIFE Guide – giving you over 40 simple meal, snack, and shake ideas for a low-carb high-fat lifestyle – using SFuels TRANSFORMSFuels RevivialSFuels Keto3SFuels TRAINSFuels LIFE Bars.  2) SFuels Fueling Guide – and noted research on the impact of Medium Chain Triglycerides in diet and fueling.

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