Episode #470 Heat Adaptation Tips from Dr. Julia Casadio

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Dr. Julia Casadio is a PhD in sport performance physiology. Originally from Canada, where she grew up cross country ski racing at a competitive level, she is now based in New Zealand with her husband and two children, and with them enjoys kitesurfing, surfing, mountain biking, and skiing.

She is a Senior Physiologist at High Performance Sport New Zealand, and has worked the last decade with numerous Olympic medal winning sports. Her PhD looked at novel applications of heat training to enhance performance in elite athletes, and she led the New Zealand heat strategies for both the Rio and Tokyo Olympics.

Julia continues her research interests through ongoing projects examining heat training, cooling strategies, optimising elite female athlete performance, and most recently, accelerating return to performance in athletes suffering from long COVID. She recently founded Impact Factor, which is an online consultancy service using the art and science of physiology to optimize training, recovery, and performance strategies in high performance athletes (website to come!).

Research Links:

1. Other research can be viewed at https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Julia-Casadio

2.  Heat Course at Endure IQ  https://www.endureiq.com/why-ldt103

What Julia is working on next…

1.  Impact Factor website

2.  Continuing research

3.  She would like to develop an educational tool for optimizing female athlete strategies in youth sport aimed at athletes, coaches and parents

Be sure to message me for Julia’s Templates to share lowcarbathlete on social media or www.debbiepotts.net: 

1.  ‘Lab to Real World’ paper on heat training. This has lots of practical insights and considerations.

2.  A guide for Heat acclimation and the FITT principle


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