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Episode #308 Debbie Potts & Peter Defty on Vespa

What is VESPA? 

Peter Defty shares the history and purpose of VESPA. 


Humans are meant to burn fat as their aerobic energy source (instead of Glucose/Carbs).

YOU are meant to burn fat!

Only VESPA provides proven results by naturally tapping into the limitless power of “fat as fuel” for human high-performance. We harness the ‘Science of Nature’ rather than the Lab to formulate VESPA.

The synergistic blend of Honey, Propolis, Royal Jelly and the Wasp Extract Bio-active Peptide are a natural catalyst to optimize your ability to burn fat because  VESPA works with your physiology to metabolize fat at higher rates & intensities for enhanced stamina & endurance. Just as importantly, VESPA makes the athlete “Blood Sugar Stable” resulting in greater focus & retention of fine motor skills. 

VESPA re-defines recovery!  

One of the defining characteristics of VESPA is a notable lack of muscle soreness from exercise or competition. By increasing fat metabolism VESPA  PREVENTS  DAMAGE due to the dramatic reduction in oxidative stress and lactate load both of which are caused by burning sugar! 

Our proving ground is the Real -World of competition NOT the Lab. 

Using REAL-PEOPLE  to achieve REAL-RESULTS, VESPA’s “Catalyst NOT Calories” approach yields winning /record-setting RESULTS  at all levels of competition.

From Personal Records & Personal Bests by athletes just like YOU to winning Olympic Gold Medals, The Boston Marathon, Berlin Marathon, a National Title or an Age-Group win VESPA  gives the athlete a natural advantage!  

So natural it’s not classified as a ‘Dietary Supplement’

VESPA’s unique formula is low sugar, stimulant free, and safe/legal for all sports. Because of it’s ingredients, it is classified by the FDA as an ‘Acidified Food’ instead of a ‘Dietary Supplement.’

Get ready to explore your outer limits by tapping into YOUR limitless inner energy!

NATURE’S CATALYST FOR OPTIMIZING FAT METABOLISM (OFM) Vespa ‘jump starts’ your fat adaptation by working with your body’s physiology to tap into your virtually unlimited energy instead of circumventing it with massive amounts of sugar/carbs if you are a high-carb athlete or fat bombs, Nut Butters, MCT oil, etc. if you are a keto athlete.   By tapping into YOUR robust energy stores as your main source of energy you avoid the energy swings and the multitude of GI issues common when trying to physically perform and digest significant calories at the same time. 

Most of all, Vespa changes the paradigm for ‘RECOVERY’ through ‘DAMAGE PREVENTION.’ You think you ‘recover’ faster using Vespa because shifting to use fat as fuel actually prevents the damage due to the oxidative stress and lactate load caused by metabolizing glucose/sugar. 

Learn more about Peter, OFM and Vespa here 

In their next podcast together, Debbie and Peter will discuss intermittent fasting, intuitive nutrition/eating and Debbie’s new favorite topic- how to optimize our mitochondria (to improve fat burning, performance and longevity).  

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