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Debbie shares her thoughts after going out for an “easy” 5 mile run that felt hard… when it should have felt EASY!

Why do we struggle with recovery and repair?

Why does our performance decrease instead of improve from consistent training?

My thoughts and current research area is on the mitochondria function.  I recently purchased the recordings from the Mitochondria Summit from Health Means and Dr. Davidson.

After listening to a recording of Dr. Michaux on sports performance and mitochondria function- I was surprised to hear him talk about emotional toxins, mindset and your purpose.

Wow…was he talking to me?  What perfect timing as I ended 2019 with closing Fitness Forward Studio after ten plus years and now focusing on building a new health rebuilding coaching program for athletes of all levels who struggle with fatigue, weight gain and other unexplained symptoms.

Emotional toxins are real.

What fears do you have?  What are you afraid of in this world?  Once you see the fear that you are having- that is radiating within you -now you are living a “fearful life” which is a STRESSED life- which affects your cells… your MITOCHONDRIA!  

We are trying to be healthy, perform our best and be the best self possible but what if you are living in fear or anger or resentment?   Dr. Michaux said “the very things that you are want to try to heal, you are now suppressing them on a daily basis – killing your immune system, suppressing your mental capacity to even have a positive thought because it’s all fear based”.

We can’t out supplement a bad diet or poor sleep habits…we need to work on the eight elements of “The WHOLESTIC Method” to optimize mitochondria function – which should help us burn fat, improve performance and longevity.  

I shared in my personal story LIFE IS NOT A RACE (buy on Amazon!!)  that I was trying every doctor, practitioner and supplement I read about.  BUT I wasn’t changing my pace of life…my mindset…my schedule.  I was still racing full speed from morning to night.  

You may be doing what I was doing and doing too much each day…and trying every “best” protocol out there to solve “adrenal fatigue” (term at the time I started my journey).

What is your barrier – what is stopping you from healing and rebuilding?  What is your fear…or as I say to people who are racing too much – “What are you racing from or to”?

Do you feel worthless or a failure if you don’t get everything done in a day?  If you don’t check everyone

What is your internal conversation going on in your bed when you have a bad workout or slow run as I did today?

Our mindset is a choice and if we choose to negative reactions to our experiences or feel as a failure if we didn’t get everything completed on our checklist for the days that we are choosing to live in stress… emotional toxic stress.

What if we could consciously made our choices every morning…wake up and go to the bathroom, make your bed, brush your teeth, get dress and make coffee. The big mistake is people wake up and look at their cell phone messages!

Why don’t we take a moment to breathe…press pause and be grateful for today. As Dr. Michaux said in Mitochondria Summit recording- “I have everything in me to heal and so today I get to make choices …

  1. To find my PURPOSE
  3. To work on HEALING

You have a choice and your choices can raise your VIBRATION ENERGY.

Where is your mindset? Are you operating, living, eating, training and racing in FEAR?

It is not I should… but It get to, I want to, I love to… this makes me happy, peaceful, feel good and energetic.

It is ENERGY. It is choice.

You can’t take supplements for boosting performance, longevity and specifically your mitochondria if you are not in the right MINDSET.

Get your mind right. My mentor Todd Durkin told all his athletes and clients that daily. Your thought process can become your STRESSOR – adding to your BEAKER OF STRESS that doesn’t have a filter to sort out where the stress is coming from. Stress accumulates and that includes emotional toxins.

Can we love our own self unconditionally as we do our family members? Are we able to raise the energy -vibration? Are we able to honor that we are all unique individuals with different genetic makeup and mindsets? WE all perform at different levels and paces – we all should do our own BEST and be our BEST self in life!

This positive energy- vibration can affect our mitochondria according to Dr. Michaux.

Change your mindset. Get out of the cycle of trial and error. Stop comparing your successes and loses with other athletes, workout partners, online peers, podcasters, bloggers and social media.

Don’t depend on over supplementing to “fix” your problems. Instead change your mindset to change your emotions and let your body heal. Change the energetic vibrations.

Do you want to optimize your performance gains this year? Perhaps you are going about it all wrong.

Treat the WHOLE you from the inside out with The WHOLESTIC Method elements and rebuilding coaching program to put the missing pieces of your puzzle together.

Stop. Pause. Breath…and optimize your mitochondria – your cell’s ability to respire, recover and heal.

I was a high performing athlete! Why not anymore? It is never ONE thing…but mitochondria damage (in my current research) impacts every body system function – and everything is connected together as it is a domino effect leading to METABOLIC CHAOS. So, as an FDN Practitioner, we treat everything in a non-specific way to improve every cell, tissue, organ and body system to restore back to optimal health-balance-homeostasis.

Think about the importance of optimizing our mitochondria if after age 30 they function can drop up to 10% every decade. Mitochondria function is key to performance, recovery, repair, fat loss and longevity!

Transform the WHOLE you from the inside out with The WHOLESTIC Method elements! Contact me, Debbie Potts, if you have questions, comments or suggestions!

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