Are you struggling to burn fat even though you are changing what you are eating and how much you exercise?

What are you missing in your diet? 

What are the health building lifestyle habits that you can implement daily to improve your fat loss and transformational journey?

Let’s chat with the microbiome expert Kiran of Microbiome Labs to learn how we can improve our ability to burn fat and improve our immune system by testing our microbiome with BiomeFX.

What is BiomeFX? BiomeFx is the MegaSporeBiotic of stool testing. Get highly accurate whole-genome analysis. A superior stool test with user-friendly reporting and customized recommendations. User-friendly Reporting. Highly Accurate. Specific Recommendations.

I want to help you be FIT and HEALTHY on the inside out. If we want to burn fat, optimize our health and improve the aging process, then I suggest testing and not guessing if you are healthy “under the hood”.

How can you boost your fat burning metabolism?

Microbiome Questions for Kiran: 1. How can testing our Microbiome as with BiomeFX provide us with insights to why some people are struggling to lose weight and burn fat? 2. What key bacteria strains influence our fat burning and metabolism? 3. How does the health of our microbiome impact our choices on what to eat to burn fat and be healthy? 4. Athletic performance – discuss how endurance athletes are more prone to leaky gut, why, how and treatment/prevention 5. Finish up with immune boosting tips as the new supplements from Microbiome Labs we can explain the why, the science and help promote

Do you want to get your body and VIBRANT self back again?

TEST and not Guess with BiomeFX lab test and a good practitioner to look at the WHOLE picture then create a “D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success” protocol for you to transform the WHOLE you from the inside out.

Head to Microbiome Labs here to order your BiomeFX lab testing kit and test your microbiome now.

Contact me if you would like to add on assessment and coaching session to your BiomeFX lab testing kit.

The struggle is real and I understand the challenges as well as frustrations in finding the right answers to feeling and looking your best -especially when you think you are doing everything “right”. Doctors may tell you that your lab results are “normal” and there is nothing is wrong with you – but you know that you are off and not performing your best in life or sports.

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