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Paul Laursen is an author, endurance coach, high-performance consultant, and entrepreneur. He is the Co-Founder and CEO of HIIT Science and Athletica. HIIT Science is an online educational platform that teaches the science and application of high-intensity interval training to professional trainers and coaches. At the same time, Athletica is an automated training program platform that uses the HIIT Science principles to maximize athlete health and performance potential. Paul was formerly employed as the Physiology Manager for High-Performance Sport New Zealand. He has retained his former joint role as Adjunct Professor of Exercise Physiology at Auckland University of Technology.

During our discussion, you will discover how to incorporate the HIIT science as an endurance athlete, the signs and symptoms of athletes with hidden problems when training, how to monitor your HIIT training, the nutritional guidelines for fasting athletes, and the difference between men’s and women’s training, fueling, and fasting. Tune in to learn more on this and other exciting topics!


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