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Episode #479 with Nate Berry and Wild Health

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Nate Berry, our guest for today,  is the Director of Athletic Optimization at Wild Health. He is on a mission to increase the performance of athletes by optimizing their internal and external environments to excel at the demands of their athletic endeavors. He is a veteran of 11 years in the NCAA Division I ranks and works closely with football at EWU. His position plans and implements all aspects of the individual performance of EWU’s nearly 300 student-athletes, including strength, conditioning, flexibility, and nutrition. Most recently, Barry spent three years working as a strength and conditioning coach at Michigan.

During our discussion, you will discover how genetics impact the performance of athletes. Nate explains how Wild Health improves athletes’ performance, nutritional adjustments to accelerate fat loss, and the genetic markers that affect the ability of athletes to perform best and recover. He also shares some tips to improve metabolic flexibility. Tune in to learn more!




[05:33] What Wild Health does to improve the performance of athletes

[07:55] Getting athletes to realize that it’s essential to invest in their health

[11:33] How genetics impacts the performance of athletes

[14:53] Genetic makers that affect our ability to perform best and recover

[18:45] Nutritional adjustments to accelerate fat loss

[21:00] How Wild Health do the genetic testing

[26:54] Matching your nutrition with exercise

[35:03] Carb timing for fasted exercises

[42:36] Hormones for men and women athletes that are struggling with fatigue and weight gain

[46:49] Nutritional therapy for endurance athletes

[48:38] Tips to improve metabolic flexibility

[50:54] Testing microbiomes and insulin resistance for type 2 diabetes


Notable quotes:

  • “As an athlete, you have to understand yourself, what makes you thrive, and apply the best strategy for you as an individual to get the most out of your potential.”
  • “Many people are so focused on the meal before the race, but it starts 24 to 48 hours before the race, especially to get glucose and other nutrients in the cell.”
  • “Chronic stress impacts everything you do, even if you try to do everything right.”


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