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Episode #480: Upgraded Formula’s Barton Scott, Part One

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Barton Scott is a biochemist, nutritionist, researcher, and founder/process developer of Upgraded Formulas.

Barton is passionate about helping people address the stress of daily life, sleep struggles, hormone issues, fatigue, and the nutrient absorption issues that we all face. Upgraded Formulas also supports in the great work they do.

In today’s episode, we discuss how mineral absorption issues are holding you back, causing low energy level, poor sleep quality, how they affect your adrenal and thyroid function, as well as viral and even bacterial susceptibility, sex hormones, for both men and women – and what to do about it!

We also touch on:

Why Vitamins Are Of No Use Without Minerals?

The Best Way To Avoid Mineral Deficiency?


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[03:30] Barton Scott’s background information

[10:04] The story behind Upgraded Formulas

[17:12] Why is the Hair Mineral Analysis Test important?

[22:27] The key minerals that are tested and how they affect hormones and thyroids

[25:15] Common heavy metals that most people have

[31:18] How the test help athletes identify and optimize hormones

[36:34] Signs athletes have mineral abnormalities and how the test improves recovery

[40:00] The products in Upgraded Formulas

[47:14] The Upgraded Formulas recovery bundle

[48:58] The benefits of the fasting bandle


Notable quotes:

  • “You can’t have adequate progesterone and testosterone without having adequate Zinc levels, and you can’t have adequate estrogen levels if you have little bio-available Copper.”
  • “We are in denial of something equivalent to gravity when we are not testing our minerals.  They affect almost everything in our bodies.”
  • “Sleep is the key to recovery, repair and detoxification. So, make sure you prioritize your sleep.”


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