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Episode #502 Cynthia Thurlow on Embracing the Aging process

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Cynthia Thurlow, our esteemed guest for today, is a renowned Intermittent fasting expert, Nutrition Educator, and Nurse Practitioner, dedicated to empowering women in their pursuit of vibrant and healthy lives. With almost two decades of experience in clinical medicine, including roles in the ER and cardiology, Cynthia has developed a deep appreciation for the life-saving potential of conventional medicine. However, she soon realized the significance of addressing the underlying causes of chronic health issues. Recognizing the profound impact of food on her patients’ well-being, she pursued advanced training in nutrition and functional testing, enabling her to guide others toward optimal health and wellness long before emergency care is necessary.

During our discussion, you will discover the right dose of fasting, protein, exercise, and supplementation to live a better and healthier life. Cynthia shares her thoughts on the over-fasting female athlete, what happens to the body of a 50 years old woman and how it relates to fasting, and why we can’t fuel and train the same as we age. She also talks about the benefits of supplementing with creatine, an inositol product to the endurance athlete, the protocols for people trying to get stronger with creatine, and the importance of Hormonal Replacement Therapy for aging men and women. Tune in to learn more!

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[06:26] Cynthia Thurlow’s background information

[12:29] Cynthia’s main goal of helping people

[18:20] Cynthia’s thoughts on the over-fasting female athlete

[19:44] The average woman in pre-menopause

[25:16] What happens to the body of a 50 years old woman and how it relates to fasting

[26:13] PNOE metabolic testing

[28:10] Why we can’t fuel and train the same as we age

[31:00] Hitting your protein goal while fasting 

[36:37] The benefits of Creatine for the athletes

[41:42] Things you can use to improve your sleep during high-stress levels

[45:45] Protocols for people trying to get stronger with Creatine

[51:01] Hormone Replacement Therapy for women

[54:59] Hormonal Replacement Therapy for old men

[59:25] The post-workout timing for Creatine if you are trying to get stronger

Notable quotes:

  • “A lot of pushbacks that we are seeing about fasting in women is out of the desire to explain to women that there is a season and a reason for everything in our lives.”
  • “Fasting does not work on everybody and that is okay.”
  • “We can’t fuel the same, fast the same, and train the same as we age. We need to listen to our bodies and get a more personalized approach.”


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Episode #502 Cynthia Thurlow on Embracing the Aging process

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