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Should a High Charging Endurance Athletes do Carnivore?

Are you a Carnivore, Keto Carnivore or Low Carb Nutrient Dense based Athlete?

Today Coach Debbie reviews various articles on strategic carb timing, carnivore levels, keto carnivore and a nutrient dense diet for athletes.  

What is your experience with following a strict carnivore diet or keto carnivore?  How is your performance when working on speed work and racing?


“A protein-rich carnivore diet is a form of elimination diet that entails the consumption of high-fat meat with zero plant foods. The research found that the carnivore diet affects muscle mass, strengthens muscles, and improves athletic strength [1]. Additionally, it lowers the risk of fractures and chronic fatigue as you age. Thus, most athletes adopt a carnivore diet because it’s proven to lead to healthy bones and muscle benefits. In another research, endurance-trained athletes who were given three to four weeks to adjust to a low-carb or ketogenic diet could sustain 63% moderate and 90% of HIIT activity [2].  Another important thing I learned during my research is that athletic performance and the carnivore diet depend on how fat-adapted you are.  Being fat-adapted enables you to eat less and stay fuller for longer. This way, you work out for longer without feeling hungry mid-session.” -



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