How is your SLEEP?

Liver Time is when I wake up! What is your sleep routine each night? Are you getting to bed on time to be asleep by 10pm?? Do you wake up in the middle of the night? Do you wake up refreshed or depressed? There are many simple lifestyle habits you can implement for...

Health Optimizer Package

The NEW Me in 2020! Are you a “Health Optimizer”? Are you curious what is under your hood? How do you know if you are running your engines at optimal levels- or if you are creating excess stress to your “engine parts” ? You don’t really know what is going on unless...


The FDN Health Detective 3-Step Process: Step 1: Assess We assess your “Metabolic Chaos®” by running well chosen functional labs to identify your healing opportunities and malfunctions within the HIDDEN internal stressors: Hormone Immune Digestion Detoxification...

Which foods does your unique gut prefer?

How do you know which foods are best for you to eat?  Well your gut biome makes a difference in those decisions.  How do you know if your micro-biome is out of balance? How does your body digest various foods? What is your GUT trying to tell you?  You have a gut...
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