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Today Debbie is interviewing Siim Land, the author of Metabolic Autophagy and several other books. He is also a biohacking coach who talks about optimizing health, longevity, and performance. So many people are now getting involved with intermittent fasting, and Siim is an expert on this topic.

Metabolic Autophagy is a huge book with lots of research, so Siim tells us why he put so much effort into completing it. He talks about how he got involved in fitness and how he quickly learned that the best medicine is prevention.

Each person’s body has different needs. Siim discusses diets that work for certain people but not others, and Debbie adds in changes she felt when she began eating more meat. They both agree that any type of diet can be overdone and talk about why this is.

Siim’s Autophagy Cheat Sheet:
Siim on YouTube:
Body Mind Empowerment with Siim Land:

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