The Re-Entry into Races!

MY re-entry into RACING! I did my first half marathon in three years and learned a few things about how to train, fuel and perform to be my best! This past Sunday, I participated in my first half marathon “race” since maybe January 2018 at the Carlsbad Half Marathon. ...

The Low Carb Athlete & Fasting Part One

FASTING TIPS, BENEFITS & RESOURCES Part One:  How do to a 24-hour Gut Reset Fast 1. PHASE ONE: After working towards being fat adapted by eating nutrient dense real foods for at least 2 weeks -then work towards unintentionally being able to fast overnight...

Fasting Tips for The Low Carb Athlete

A great new video from Thomas DeLauer on exercising and fasting… when is the ideal time to fast and not blow up your cortisol levels? Cortisol goes up with fasting – as a stress response but as we get used to any “stress” and adaptation occurs....

Fasting Tips for The AGING FEMALE Athlete

What is the best way to BREAK your FAST? Avoid eating a huge meal or you might overload your digestive system and experience symptoms like bloating. Typically, “hefty snack or small meal is best to break fast then wait two hours for a larger meal” How do you...
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