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Coach Debbie on how to get more PROTEIN in your day

Are you on a mission to improve the aging process as myself?

I have been listening to many podcasts with Dr. Gabrielle Lyon on “muscle is the organ of longeity” and Dr. Stacy Sims plus “Nutrition with Judy”, Huberman Lab podcasts and Angelo Keely of Kion.

Don’t blame the aging process- embrace the changes by adjusting your fueling and training program.

How do we fight the battle of losing muscle strength and power as we age?  The solution includes eating more protein throughout the day in each meal (30-50g) evenly distrubted but also before workouts (strength and cardio) and after.  

I looked into Essential Amino Acids, collagen peptides, protein shakes, bone broth and quality animal protein.  The research and investigation – plus experiment continues.

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Today we review: 1. Nutrition with Judy podcast

2. Kion Aminos (save with code lowcarbathlete)…


3. Paleo Valley Protein 4. Kion Whey Protein 5. Equip Beef Protein 6. Dr. Amy Myers on Collagen…


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