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Dr. Stacy Sims on fueling the female athleteTrain The WHOLE Athlete
  • Adaptations: Fueling for the stress at hand
  • Fuel in and around training
  • To increase energy, cognition, hit heavy loads, improve recovery
  • Recovery post workout
  • Avoid fasted exercise
  • Manipulate training and body composition
  • Fueling for the stress at hand
  • Give the body fuel to hit hard high intensities
  • IF you need to lose weight- add in 10-20 reduction in evening away from training
  • To at less, train more = low energy availability = low thyroid, increased catabolism, increase in body fat
SEE interview on
The benefits of FASTED exercise – based on men to increase fatty acid breakdown for fuel; increase fat burn but not increase performance
  • Women naturally shuttle carbs into endometrial lining via estrogen/progesterone = naturally fat adapted
  • Hormone Kisspeptin – down regulates thyroid and metabolism – hormone dysfunction

Women – improve performance with pre-workout fuel 100-150 calories to access glucose when training harder; drops cortisol levels; fuel to hit heavy loads: train harder and improve recovery

  • Pre strength workouts: 15-20g protein
  • Pre cardio workouts: 15-20g protein + 30g carbs
  • Post workout 40g protein after workout (protein synthesis)
Short Intensity Workouts: 30 second or less all out sprint, 2-3 minute recovery; metabolic control; 95-110%; #1 method over hormone therapy; subset of HIIT (1-2 minutes), SIT 2x week
Peri-Menopausal – follicular lengthening
  • more resilient as get closer to ovarian failure; fatigue, brain fog, body fat increase = train lower volume and higher intensity
  • Strength training 3x week
  • Increase quality of workouts, race specific on weekends (easy), strength building focus priorities with SIT

How do we burn fat with exercise – fueling or not to fuel?

Dr. Andy Gaplin on Training & Fueling for Endurance:

I am going to be experimenting with pre workout fuel to match higher intensity days or back to back workouts- or when another workout is in the next eight hour window.

530am lift
FUEL- Sfuels Prim + Race+
6:15 am spin class with power intervals
FUEL- Protein shake
MEAL Timing- protein/fat/carbs easy to digest
11:45am-1pm Masters Swim
MEAL Timing- lunch 2-3pm protein based main meal
Tuesday or Thursdays
5:30am-6:15am lift weights
FUEL: Sfuels Primed + Race+
630am-730am run with hill sprints/intervals
Post workout fuel: Protein shake
Meal: Easy to Digest as Supergut Yogurt + SFuels granola + Protein
11:45am-1pm Masters Swim (some days)
Meal: Protein based
Walking, Sauna, Yoga at night
Long Bike Ride – later in morning in winter months
Long Run Day- 1hr30-2 hours early morning
  • Efficient Carbohydrate Digestion Assimilation and Mitigated Gut Distress Race+ starch (HBCD) has been predigested with enzymes creating a
    high molecular weight, highly branched carbohydrate for rapid transit through the stomach.
  • Researchers have highlighted HBCD having 30% faster rise of blood glucose, when compared to a glucose-only fluid.
  • No sucrose, fructose, maltodextrin or sugar-alcohols are used to avoid Gut/GI irritation and distress.
  • Race+ avoids the use of fructose to mitigate the risk of interfering with GLUT-4 (glucose) muscle-cell transporters.
  • Race+ avoids the use of fructose to mitigate the risk of interfering with GLUT-4 (glucose) muscle-cell transporters.
  • Race+ includes Glutamine to further support fuel-oxidative (energy) supply to muscles, and mitigate exercise heat-triggered gut membrane permeability and subsequent higher inflammatory loads.

SFuels Tips to Go LONGER & FASTER!


  1. DO NOT consume insulin triggering grains, starch, simple sugars or large amounts of dairy on race morning.
  2. Target low-carb cereals, eggs, coffee/tea, low-carb fruits like berries, or SFuels LIFE bar, SFuels TRAIN as best pre-race meal considerations.


  1. Complete the first 30-60 minutes of your race with NO intake of sugars/carbs.
  2. Use SFuels TRAIN for hydration-electrolyte support in this first 30-60minute race period if desired.
  3. Begin using SFuels RACE+ after the first 30-60mins of racing, competition or high-intensity training .
  4. Applying this to your race-day prep enables muscle cell glucose transporters, to rapidly move to the muscle cell wall, open glucose channels, and allow the free flow of glucose into the muscle cells,without insulin.
  5. Muscle cells are better positioned for improved simultaneous oxidation of both fats and glucose, thereby providing a smooth supply of energy and power.
  6. By enabling higher fat oxidation during high intensity racing, athletes will burn less glycogen (sparing effect) and also reduce the risks of known gut/GI distress from simple sugars like sucrose (fructose+glucose) and fructose.
  7. Train and test your fuel-water dosage requirements against expected race day intensities, temperature, elevation and duration.

*Rate of Perceived exertion is provided as a guide here to help, translate exertion signs of rising intensity levels to approximate lactate threshold levels – and where oxidation rates shift between fat and carbohydrate.

Pre-Race and Racing: Fat/Carb Optimization

  1. PRIMING Focus and Maximum Fat Oxidation
    Research findings1/2 are suggesting that a measured dose of caffiene for both improved mental-cognitive focus and heightened maximal fat oxidation during exercise.
  2. By adding a measured dose of caffiene ~30-60mins prior, and during your racing/competition, athletes can prime, and continue to prime optimal focus on competing, whilst ensuring maximal fat oxidation continues, in seeking support glycogen sparing as much as possible.

How to dose your SFuels RACE+ and SFuels PRIMED.

    1. As intensity levels shift during the race from changes in elevation, wind, heat/humidity, competitive racing dynamics, and exhaustion – carbohydrate oxidation will increase, and therefore carbohydrate intakes will need to increase.
    2. However, athletes with high fat-oxidation efficiency will burn more fat, and preserve glycogen stores better, and therefore require less carbohydrate intake than high-carb (less efficient) athletes.
    3. Fuel high-intensity  training and racing by simultaneously burning fats and carbs.
    4. Using pre-digested branch chained starches with MCT oils, while avoiding added simple sugars, glucose, fructose, syrups, sugar alcohols and maltodextrins.
    5. Enable rapid transit of calories through upper GI tract while racing, by ONLY using low osmolality carbs (pre-digested branch chain starches) and medium-chain triglycerides.
    6. Avoid slow moving carbs like glucose, and higher risk gut irritants like fructose, and sugar alcohols.
    7. Support lowered risk of exercise induced GI/Gut distress and delayed onset muscle soreness by fueling-feeding muscles and gut
      membranes with L-Glutamine.
    8. Support dependable neuro-muscular contractions, and efficient gut absorption by supplementing with Sodium, Calcium, Potassium and Gut-friendly Magnesium
    9. Extending the utility of race proven SFuels RACE+ drink, athletes can now rely on a concentrated Race+ creme-like gel to power them
      through the run finish, of their most demanding races.
    10. Using a higher concentrate of cyclic branch-chain starches, plus MCT oils, electrolytes and glutamine, SFuels RACE+ Gel powder compacts down into a highly compact formula, to store carry through the run leg of your longer half and full-distance triathlons and ultras.

Pre-Race (night before) Preparation

      1. add 1.5oz/45ml water, to each 1 serve (37.5Gr/Scoop) of SFuels Race+ Gel Powder
        (3oz/90mls when mixed).
      2. Mix thoroughly with a fork, until smooth gel creme-like consistency.
      3. For higher concentration, use 2 serves to 45-60ml water and mix.
      4. Store Race+ Gel in SFuels Race+ Gel Bullets
      5. Do not refrigerate – Keep Race+ Gel concentrate at room temperature, prior to the race.
      6. As an option, mix in SFuels PRIMED caffiene mix to one of your SFuels Gel Bullets or flasks, to support maximal fat oxidation and mental focus through to the finish line.

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