Today I have PETER DEFTY back on the show to talk about Optimal Fat Metabolism, VESPA …and we may start with  the immune system (hot topic) as has A LOT to do with Metabolic Health! 

Who is Peter Defty?

My name is Peter Defty and I am one of the pioneers in fat-adapted performance. This work, first on myself beginning in 2001, and subsequently with athletes I coached, eventually led to some stunning athletic performances all based upon optimizing fat metabolism. 

Because of the overwhelming bias toward carbohydrates as the necessary energy source for athletes & athletic performance these performances were dismissed as ‘anecdotal’ and ridiculed by the mainstream sports experts. This did not deter me because what I was personally experiencing coupled with what athletes I was working with were achieving told me fat adaptation was real. Humans are meant to metabolize fat as their primary aerobic energy source. 

In 2010 a friend suggested I contact Dr. Stephen Phinney after reading an article on him. This led to a meeting where I shared these results with Dr. Phinney who immediately stated not only were these results real but he was genuinely interested in learning more. It turned out Dr. Phinney had a keen interest in fat adapted performance and, like me, knew it offered much more than the dismissive attitude it was given by experts like Louise Burke and Chris Carmichael.

“However, those at the coal-face of sports nutrition can delete fat loading and high-fat diets from their list of genuine ergogenic aids for conventional endurance and ultra-endurance sports.” – Louise Burke, PhD “To think carbs make you fat is wrong. You’re fat because you’re not exercising… Low-carb diets are exactly what you should not do if you’re active…Carbs are the fuel that drives your life; suddenly everyone’s forgotten this. If you’re working out five days a week, you need a minimum 60 percent [daily caloric intake] of carbs a day.” -Chris Carmichael

Peter and I chat today about a few important topics for training, fueling and performing as a Low Carb Athlete including:

  1. The 5 Paradigm-shifts of Fat Adaptation (OFM) – OFM
  2. Tips on Training to the low carb athlete- heart rate, steady state vs. run/walk
  3. Endurance training tips for the aging low carb athlete – improve mitochondria for longevity  
  4. How does VESPA work for fueling the low carb athlete?  Why?  Science?
  5. How to improve recovery and repair from endurance training?

Learn more about OFM and VEPPA via the links below:

Reach out to us with any questions!  We would love to hear from you and see how you are training, fueling and performing as a low carb athlete!


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