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Alex is the CEO of Drink HRW the hydrogen water tablet company waves in the health and wellness industry. Alex has developed a clinical outreach program under these brands and works with several Universities worldwide researching how molecular hydrogen is useful as a therapeutic agent – molecular hydrogen therapy, hormesis, and scientific funding are his forte.

Drink HRW water tablets have emerged, through intensive scientific testing, as the most potent option in a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide. There are nine proven human studies and fifteen more underway looking into the innovative and emerging hydrogen water technologies and their undeniable health benefits. 

We chat about how to make hydrogen water and why we should drink it!

What do Drink HRW water tablets do to the human body and are they safe?

What are the benefits of a tablet that can supersaturate water for athletes and individuals, and how can this improve sports performance?

How does molecular hydrogen work as a therapeutic agent?




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